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Decked out!

Decked out

I’m really enjoying the Steamdeck. I run it in Desktop Mode, so it is basically running a Gaming Linux install. I typically play around with my desktop settings (especially with KDE because you can) and sometimes I go too far. Which I inevitably did. So I had to reimage the drive. I was thinking it would be daunting but it is really just a PC – the process – which I’ve done 1000 times is the game. Download ISO, Rufus copy via USB, install USB and reboot. It worked flawlessly as expected and KDE is back to normal. Actually, it seems better, when it came back it set the resolution exactly to my external monitor without the black bars on the ends it had before.

The one annoying thing was the OS refused to detect my installed games on my SD card. So, *sigh* they had to be re-installed.

Command Line

Command Line

The trick for Elder Scrolls Online (installed to an SD Card) is to add the line below to the properties command line.
If ESO is installed on the internal memory use: PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 PROTON_SET_GAME_DRIVE=1 %command%
If ESO is installed on the SD card use: PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 PROTON_SET_GAME_DRIVE=2 %command%

European Parliament has declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Russia responded by shelling civilian apartments and residential areas. In addition, the previous missile attacks on non-military infrastructure have left 80% of Kyiv without electricity and water going into Winter. So again, harming hundreds of thousands of civilians. *smh* The level of depravity (and desperation in their losing war effort) the Russian leaders are willing to stoop to seems limitless, hospitals, schools, all targets over and over again…

Ukraine is able to shoot down most missiles but the sheer volume means enough are getting through. I guess that is the plan? Reduce Ukrainian civilian population into a non-livable situation? It is so disgusting. Russia is now an international pariah. How did they get there? It may be generations before it can redeem itself. If it even does. I’m sure there are many Russians who are (rightfully) ashamed of their government and want nothing to do with the war. I mean, thousands were conscripted and basically sent to the front lines to die so… I can’t imagine P*tin has much more time left as leader. I only hope their next dictator is more rational and ends the senseless war that is benefitting no one (other than maybe the U.S. military complex). Le sigh.