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October 30, 2011 @ 10:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

friends, Blue Mountain, Le Scandinave

The Mac family arrived late Friday night. The evening was pretty quiet while everyone got settled. After breakfast we headed up to Collingwood to Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain. The drive up Airport Road was stunning with all the Fall colours still in their glory. Airport Road is very hilly… so it provided some vistas full of rolling autumn hills. It we ever luck into a beautiful day weather-wise. Since the spa is outside, rain or a cold span can ruin the experience… but it was bright and cool. Perfect! So basically the day was hot tub, steam sauna, cold plunge, hut tub, dry sauna, chill out by fire, chill out in a hammock, hot tub, massage, hot tub, stream sauna, cold plunge, dry sauna…. icy cold Creemore. Phew. I was a little concerned I was going to get Kelly… but I ended up with Danielle, and she was very good. It felt like she removed a speedbumb out of my shoulder. Oddly she didn’t really say anything afterwards. She said I was a little defensive with my sore wrist. Well it is my sore wrist. *shrug* It was a much needed down day. Very relaxing. Very Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

After the spa we wandered around Blue Mountain for a bit. We stopped at Twist for a martini and a light snack. It seemed like a pretty cool place. I had a delicious Snickertini. I think it was slightly different than the online recipe. Regardless, it disappeared faster than a pack of Smarties at a Weight Watchers’ meeting. The drive home was very dark. Most of Airport road had no streetlights. We got lucky again… during the drive we passes a good sized deer just standing in the other lane of the highway… Had the deer moved or spooked he could easily have hit the truck and this could have been a very different entry. Phew…The rest of the evening was less eventful. Homemade pizzas and hockey.

Sunday we went to Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket. I tried on some clothes… Found some nice stuff but I didn’t like the prices. The main purpose of the trip was to check out the new Kobo colour… The screen is nice but it seemed really underpowered… and there was no Internet available so I couldn’t test any of the web apps… I guess for $200 however, not bad. I’m waiting for the Asus Transformer Prime however! The evening was a dog walk, dinner, Pumpkin Carving and the Walking Dead.