Trouble at the Mill

October 24, 2011 @ 10:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Which way to the Mill?

Which way to the Mill?

Kicked off Saturday getting my haircut. I booked my next appointing… in December! Yes, I’m already booking activities into December. Time is flying by. When I got home my sister had called and was in the area. After some phone tag we decided to see a movie up in their area in Orillia. We had a short dog run in Cold Creek then continued up to Horseshow Valley. JP (my brother in law) made a delicious beef stew and biscuits for dinner. He offered me a Richard’s Dark. I’m not sure how I missed this beer. I used to drink Rickard’s Red a lot… Anyway, it was a great beer, clean smooth, no aftertaste and a sweet flavour… I’ll certainly be stocking the fridge with some for the Winter season. Also, it is much darker that the image on their website, silly photoshopping. Our choices for movies were pretty bleak. So bleak in fact I agreed to see a Baseball movie. I’m very fond of Rotten Tomatoes and their ratings and it reviewed at a staggering 95% so I felt it was worth a shot. So we agreed to see Brad Pitt in Moneyball.

Before going to the movie I wanted to change from my athletic pants into a pair of jeans. Well frack – they didn’t fit, and it wasn’t even close. Yes I’m aware I’ve gained a bit in the middle but wow… this was an eye opener. I don’t think this pair of jeans has fit for awhile but now they were ridiculously hooker tight. I think it is a mere pant size from 32 to 33/34 but still… it reminds of the effort that will be required to keep this aging body from gaining further sizes. Sigh. ‘what a drag it is getting old…’

Anyway Moneyball. I enjoyed Moneyball. In spite of the old codger behind me that felt it necessary to comment on every baseball stat mentioned in the film. SIIiiiGH… Yes one of my pevs is people who talk in theatres. I paid to see and hear the movie – NOT to hear you talking. So STFU. But can you really tell an old man to shut up without looking like a dick? I don’t know. I came pretty close to finding out… *cough* The movie followed the transformative season of the Oakland Athletics. The team has just dropped it’s three star players and had to find a way to compete against team salaries that were double or triple theirs. Faced with few promising player options, the A’s GM (played by Pitt) looked to an innovative (and controversial) new mathematical solution to be competitive. The movie became a curious underdog film. Pitt was very convincing as a seasoned pro putting out fires at every turn with both with his team and in his personal life. Moneyball is both a look behind the scenes of a baseball team and the into the life of a GM. The movie included interactions between the GM and his daughter which added a touching dimension to the movie. The daughter played by Kerris Dorsey was also impressive in her role. She sung a cute song too. The dialogue was well written and balanced with some humour. I don’t think a lack of baseball knowledge would hamper someone’s enjoyment of the various banters between the GM and other players or staff. As I’ve said, I quite enjoyed this baseball movie as the human elements stood out for me and made it engaging and at times touching. ⭐⭐⭐½

Sunday started slowly. We debated the merits of the new furniture arrangement in the living room. Yes domestic bliss. I think this debate is on-going as I like the positioning aesthetically but functionally it sucks walrus. We have a big bay window and the biggest couch now is turned into the room with the back of the couch to the window. Bah. Unfortunately the size of the room and the size couches leave us with few options… Hopefully a better arrangement can be found so we will want to utilize this room more. Bdot and I planned on going to Alton Mill in the afternoon to confirm which rooms we wanted to rent for the Wedding. After one false start (read : we had a spat) trying to leave we eventually got on our way to the Mill. It must be the right location because we really like all the rooms at the Mill. The problem is becoming matching rooms with the parts of the wedding. This is good problem to have, we feel there are so many great options! I think after the third loop around the building we have a tentative plan for where we will hold everything. Huzzah! Even the bad weather backup room for the ceremony is stunning room. After wandering around indoors we wandered around the grounds outdoors for awhile with the dog. There is a trail that leads to the Millcroft Inn, a mere 10m walk away. We are thinking of walking over on the 13th. The day didn’t start off well, but I think it ended up being very productive.

Once we got home I got ready to go to Toronto to see Boris and Asobi Seksu. (More on this later…) B. took care of a bunch housework – thanks hon.