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Winter, Weather, Buffalo Sabres

Will not be chilling out here

Will not be chilling out here

Well, I guess a green Christmas has led to a very white January. We got a significant Winter storm yesterday… A double shovel day. (thanks to our neighbour who also snowblows part of the bottom) So that occupied the news for the past 24h. A few people were trapped in cars from 8-20h. Good grief. Stay home people.


Sabres continue to find new and embarrassing ways to fail. How low can this sink? Is there ever going to be an end to the Pegula era of failure? I don’t anything positive for years. That said, some consistent goaltending and a lineup would help too. But wow, so much suck.

People’s reaction to a big snowfall is curious. Doug Ford using it as a photo op and getting both praise and criticize. Some people helping others, others complaining about it… (Yes f*ck you bike guy) *shrug* I just like the uniformity of the colour on my lawn. Dog seems to enjoy snow, just not cold….

The sabre rattling between Russia and Ukraine is getting disturbing. It is a powder keg. I think Russia is just looking for an excuse to invade. Putin is trash.