A Round Week

August 12, 2012 @ 10:08 am 🔗 Post Link

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It has been awhile since I’ve blogged. I was on holidays near Algonquin park at bdot’s aunt’s cottage last week where there is sadly no internet access, so no blogging, nothing… Bdot when to the cottage a few days early since she has more holidays than me. I did the typical bachelor take-out dinner from Funky Thai 2 Go the first few nights alone. I’ve eaten from their lunch menu numerous times but this is the first time I’ve ordered from their dinner menu, and it was delicious.

As I’ve mentioned remicat’s weight has been fluctuating a lot recently but I think we have, at least temporarily, found a food she’ll eat. We go to great lengths to get this cat to eat, especially bdot…It seems to be a frustrating cycle. I’m very happy we found a ‘cat sitter’ who is a vet tech and can deal with the numerous issues caring for remicat entails…

Anyway, holiday… As usual packing and preparing for a vacation seems to take forever. I finally got out of the house and up to Horseshoe Valley just after noon on a week ago Thursday where I met up with my parents. That weekend was the ‘parents first meeting’ up at Round Lake. So I drove up with my parents. I was a little surprised to see what a lead foot my Dad has. He passed more cars in 4hrs than I do in month commuting to work. Hmmpt. Naturally I voted for stopping at Henrietta’s Bakery. It was packed inside the small bakery. I scored the last eclair. I’m pretty sure kids behind me were eying it. I figure it was an opportunity for them to learn you don’t always get what you want. Especially when it is delicious whipped cream, flaky pastry with a flavourful chocolate coating. Ahem. As always seems to occur when you drive through Algonquin park, there were silly humans crowding around a baby moose as it was eating in a marsh. It seems disinterested in its stardom. The night I arrived night was low-key. I was bagged by the time we got to the cottage.

Friday the women went in to Wilno (not Wilnot) to the Tavern for lunch. I stayed home with my Dad and watched Olympics between swims in the lake. The main event of the afternoon was the Canada v. Great Britain match in Woman’s soccer. It was remarkable how easily and often possession changed in the match. Canada ended up winning and earned their first visit to the semi-finals, unfortunately they met the U.S. juggernaut. It seems like there are a lot of Canadians off the podium finishing in 4th, 5th and 6th…Meh.

I’ve been honoured to read the first draft of a friend’s manuscript for his incredible Sci-fi novel. I’m very impressed. I hope he finds a way to get it published because I think it is very good.

The rest of this entry is odd and ends from the past week. The ‘get together BBQ’ was somewhat underwhelming and certainly wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. First off, it was stupid stupid hot, well over 100F. Bdot’s other aunt also has a cottage on the same lake and she hosted the BBQ. We went over early and starting drinking at that time. Well I stopped at some point there and my Dad didn’t… so when bdot’s parents arrived he was in rare form. In the evening it was still very hot… a night swim was refreshing but didn’t make it any easier to sleep. Brutal.

My parents left the next morning. Then it rained. By early afternoon the rain stopped and we have a visit from BBB’s family. They didn’t stay very long. In the afternoon I watched more Olympics. The Men’s 100m had 3 Jamaicans and 3 Americans… Bolt wons with a time of 9.63, an Olympic record. He is quite a story. In the late afternoon we wandered over to her aunts again and had a few drinks. We watched her cousin Ali play bocce. I guess we are no longer included in the reindeer games. Oh well.

Monday was not a good day for Canada at the Olympics. The sole Canadian Women’s Boxer lost. The Sprint cyclist eliminated and the Women’s soccer team also lost. I watched the game and Canada up one nil at half time. Sinclair with the goal. Canada allowed far too many free kicks for the States. There were ridiculous repeated phantom Pro-US calls in the second half by the Norwegian ref. Brutal. The game was tied at full time. Quite the battle regardless of the outcome especially in light of favoured the US was. It was the best international soccer match I’ve seen involving Canada. Sad late goal in extra time… better than a penalty shoot out however. Ultimately the US was too skilled for Canada. Incredible effort however, it is getting a lot of deserved fanfare.

Tuesday I spent a lot of time reading the aforementioned Sci-fi novel. More 4th and 5th for Canada. Ho-hum. Cloudy and rain today. Bleck. We did a quick run into Barry’s Bay and Killaloe. Watched Coriolanus which I thought was quite good. ⭐⭐⭐⅔

Wednesday more of bdot’s friends visited. Trish and Jessica hung out for part of the early afternoon. In the evening we had dinner with bdot’s aunt. A yummy dinner of ribs.

Thursday more RAIN. Sigh. Watched the Woman’s Soccer team play for Bronze v. France. We win in Extra time! In the afternoon we drove up to Pembroke. Bdot found some Earrings she wanted for the wedding. More reading in the evening. Since the forecast was further gloom we decided to head home Friday. It rained most of five hours all the way home. Blah.