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Bruce Trail Hike

Bdot was away this weekend at her sisterโ€™s cottage. So, I ventured off to Hockley Valley for a hike. The intention was to get the missing photo for the Hockey Valley section of the 150 badge. It was a tiring hike for sure. Plenty of hills and streams. We will have to return because I didnโ€™t find the bench on the route but the Isabel East Side Trail was pretty amazing.

Lots of bridge/river combos

Lots of bridge/river combos

In the evening KK came over for a jam session. My amp as two independent plug-ins so we had guitar and drums. It was a fun night. We made some horrible noise and sent it off to MikeMike. *smirk*

We decided to go forward with the re-landscaping of the front yarn. This is very exciting! We are adding a small patio sitting area and river rock drainage path for the all the water from the back and house. It is both a functional and aesthetic update. Photos soon, so far it looks amazing.

Not sure what hit me Sunday morning, but awoke feeling really under the weather. Didnโ€™t end up eating until after 6. Hmmpt.

Burned through the four short episodes of Netflix new anime series Castlevania. This is a stunningly animated series *for adults*โ€ฆ It has been renewed for a second season. The first four episodes setting the foundation for the series.