Riot for Freedom

August 16, 2012 @ 05:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot

It is certainly an embarrassing day for Russia and freedom of speech. Any notion that Russia has progressed to a Democracy has clearly taken a major step backward. The punk band Pussy Riot staged a protest in a Catholic church in Moscow sometime back. They disrupted a ceremony of some sort. Sure, that is pretty stupid and should be punished with a fine or a night or two in jail. Well, three of the band members have already been jailed for weeks and today were sentenced to 2 years of jail being found guilty of hooliganism. Yikes. Holy disproportionate over reaction. Putin politics sounds a lot like Stalin politics… well no, I guess they haven’t been put to death, … yet. Pretty shocked that the massive uber-macho Putin feels so threatened by a girl band. Hmmpt. So far there has been worldwide outrage by this absurd sentence. To quote the band member Ekaterina ‘[the] state is not able to hide the repressive nature of the judicial process’.

International condemnation was quick to follow:

I’m starting to worry about the likelihood of hockey this fall. It seems the NHL and the NHLPA are far apart from an agreement. An agreement they need to reach by the 15th of September or the players will be locked out. I’m most concerned about the ramification of a lockout on smaller market teams in the States where support is already marginal. Sigh…. Happy Canada pulled off a late win in the Russia/Canada series rematch from 1972… It was very close… it could easily have been a Russian win. After today I’m a little happier we beat their commie asses.