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Trees exploding with colour

Trees exploding with colour

The last week has been unseasonably warm in Southern Ontario. Iโ€™m sure the trees are wondering what the heck is going on. So to take advantage of this lovely weather we did a hike of the HVHT. We hiked a section starting on Castlederg Side Road heading West. There is a shoulder there for several cars to park on if you are interested. It was a nice walk. Some sections were surprisingly rather badly overgrown. We usually follow the trail until it reaches the Duffyโ€™s Lane then turn around and take it back. Since it was so overgrown and the weeds were so grabby we took the road back instead. Also it didnโ€™t help there were muddy sections and we both ended up with soakers. *eyeroll* The dog was happy however. She was strangely sick all morning (vomiting) but was fine when she was on the trail. She has been okay since the walk. *shrug*

During the week we finally got a guy to look at the trees in the front yard. After chasing aborists for months bdot tried a new business and they actually responded. Like many trees in the area, ours were badly damaged by last Winterโ€™s Ice Storm. The feature tree on out front lawn, the massive Maple, was damaged worst of all. Sadly it seems the split branches, and there are many major branches that are split, are unsalvageable. This is upsetting as this is a beautiful tree. It is going to be dramatically trimmed and lose a few major branches in an attempt to save it. Along the side of our driveway are three smaller Red Maples. Weโ€™ve known the tree closest to the road was in bad shape for a while. So it is going to be cut down as well.

We thought about going to see a movie Saturday night but they were all โ€˜splatsโ€™โ€ฆ So we opted to find stay in and found Captain America: Winter Soldier for some mindless action. It was a solid entertaining film. Not much to think about just action, violence, explosions and some amusing one-liners. โญโญโญ

It is odd thinking about hockey when there is blue skies, bright sunshine and green grassโ€ฆ but pre-season has started. Iโ€™m not sure what to expect from the Sabres this year. Iโ€™m hoping for another 10-15 points in the standings. Which would still make them one of the worst teams in the league. Buffalo McDavids? We shall see. Sure he would be amazing to sign but with a less than 25% chance in the best case scenarioโ€ฆ The thought of tanking is still difficult to accept. TFC had an incredible win on Saturday! The game itself was a remarkable down by two goals win. The three points giving the Reds their most points AND wins in franchise history and (at least temporarily) put them into the final playoff spot. It could be a dramatic end to the season as Defoe is expected to return shortly with the Reds already fighting for the playoffs.