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Let it snow, we’re ready

November 13, 2011 @ 10:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Not sure what they are but they look good dead

Not sure what they are but they look good dead

It is a good feeling to be ready for Winter and not scrambling around after the first snowfall. We got the snow tires put on the Vibe yesterday morning so both cars are done! I guess one of the few benefits of aging is an increased sense of responsibility. I also put the Christmas lights up on the house. Red and green again, same as last year. I think this will be the last year using the energy sucking ‘traditional bulbs. Next year will be the switch over to LED. The neighbour has red and green LED lights so we’ll be able to get an idea of what they would look like. There seems to be a good variety of LED lights as well… we took a look yesterday at Canadian Tire. There were three different whites, bulbs that faded into different colours and numerous types of bulb coverings like ice cubes and snowflakes. I wonder if we will be the only house on the block that hasn’t changed over to the modern efficient LEDs.

After some running around in the morning we ran the cold dog in Palgrave Forest. Cold dog? Yes somehow princess was left in the backyard for some the morning. She seemed very grateful to be let in the house. It was a beautiful day for a hike. We came across a ‘construction site’ along the main trail. There are several newly planted trees and they have re-landscaped along one of the major ponds. It also looks like they are diverting one of the streams. I’m a little surprised to see any work being done in the Forest, I wonder who is paying for it? Regardless, it looks great, I’m happy to see one of our major hiking routes getting some love.

Alright. The Lucic hit on Miller. I find it hard to decide what I think is worse… A forward creaming a goalie he outweighs by 50 pounds or the team that did nothing about it. The Yahoo headline says it all. ‘Buffalo Sabres go soft in response to Lucic’s run at Miller’ I’ve been a supporter of Ruff for a long time but this is inexcusable and embarrassing. No response at all? There was plenty of time for some sort of payback and nothing, NOTHING. Gutless and shameful – both the lack of response by the Sabres and the initial hit by Lucic. I have to wonder what Miller must be thinking of his team mates. Wow.

My post on SabresFans.com:
The one positive from his hit is exposing the truth about this team. Now let’s see what, if anything, the response is from Sabres’ management and the team. This soft team has no chance of a deep playoff run. If the sole existence of the team is to win the Cup… then something has to be done. Thanks Lucic. This should serve as an impetus for improving the Sabres and ultimately knocking you out the playoffs. But so far, I’d say that won’t happen this year.

Read more: here.
We are hosting a birthday party for me later in the month. My um… deep breath breathe out, breathe in 40th… There I said it. In preparation bdot has been finishing the living room painting so we can finally get some of our art up. I’m looking forward to that…the walls have been bare since we bought the house. *eyeroll*

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