Polar Bears, Sabres and Media

October 28, 2011 @ 10:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Must be a slow news week for the media. The CBC (and most Canadian media) are running on and on with the This Hour Has 22 Minutes/Rob Ford story. They showed up at his house in the morning as he was going out the door to take his daughter to school. Apparently upsetting his daughter and freaking Rob out. I know if anyone shows up on my driveway at 8 in morning as I’m trying to get to work they’d be lucky if the only thing they got was my bad attitude. Yes he is a public figure, blahblahblah… so why not ambush him at City Hall when he is acting in his public capacity? Now I’m not a big Rob Ford fan… he seems like he can be an abrasive prick… but he was dealt a steaming pile to deal with in Toronto. Cleaning a mess of that magnitude (and having the balls to try to) is worth something. It is silly to think you can cut out the gravy without pissing some people off. And the CBC…well… it is nice to see the light on them right now. Taxpayers are giving them over 1B$ and it seems they are largely unaccountable for it and pad critics pockets and spend lavishly internally. Idunno, but for the average programming I’ve seen from the CBC, perhaps they should spend more time at work and less running around Toronto gagging political figures.

Another odd, it must be a slow weed for news article. Really? Hating on the Beaver? I don’t mind the idea of the Polar Bear… but I see no reason to get rid of an icon, that IMHO stands for an industrious, hard-working, stubborn and steadfast animal.

Sabres finally won a game at home! Vanek looked like a machine last night. Strong on the puck and determined to make plays. Now if only Leino, Stafford and Roy could appear… they were very invisible last night. Enroth is looking good and has looked good since he came to Buffalo. Some people, for reasons I can’t understand, want to create a goalie controversy for some reason. Perhaps some deep seated undefinable hatred for Miller? I don’t know? I wonder why some fans can’t just be happy to have two great options between the pipes? Would you rather be the Flyers? *eyeroll*

It is getting cold. Frost this morning and Sunday night is going to drop to -1. Brrrr…. Bdot’s friends Bonnie and her family are over tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow we are heading to Collingwood with them for a spa day. I can’t freaking wait to do nothing. I hope I don’t fall alseep in the hottub and drown.