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Free Parking

So tired. I really feel like Iโ€™ve been on display the entire day. The employer I started with on Monday has an ice breaking routine for new employees. They have to go around to *every* staff member and chat with them for a few minutes. Sure a cool idea to get to know everyone but it happened to be todayโ€ฆ the day I had a two hour job interview. Iโ€™m mentally exhausted. The position was also right downtown Toronto at U. of T.. There is no way (if I get the position) Iโ€™d drive everyday downtown โ€“ Iโ€™d find someway of taking public transit. Getting in and out of downtown with a car and parking is a crazy hassle. I did park free however. When I was pulling in some nice guy offered me his pass since as he was leaving. Awesome!

Small things like that help to minimize the numerous annoyances of downtown. (Interestingly I got a โ€˜ticketโ€™ for parking too close to the ticket dispenserโ€ฆ well it wasnโ€™t actually a ticket upon closer inspectionโ€ฆ it was a warning! A warning! Iโ€™ve never heard of that. A parking lot giving you a break? Joy. ) The interview had a technical test and traditional interview. I believe the technical part went very well. It is always hard to assess an interview. There were so many questions. I believe I did a good job at answering them. U. of T. would be a great environment to work in. Weโ€™ll see.