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March 31, 2014 @ 08:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Blue skies

Blue skies

It was a curious mixed bag of a weekend. Bdot had plans with her sister and the nephews Saturday. They went out to see the Muppets: Most Wanted, which was pretty awful apparently. I stayed home to get some housework done. Yes – the glorious backyard Spring thaw dog pickup… unquestionably one of the worst jobs resulting from dog ownership. Blah. I got in a bit of gaming after I sat down. I finally finished Dishonored. I can see why it earned an impressive 91% on metacritic. It was a lot of fun to play. *Blinking* was amazing. *Blinking* then killing was even more amazing. The game was a good length, the story had impressive twists, the map layout was consistently challenging but not impossible… Well done Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks. I also playing a bit of Diablo III with a new character, a Monk. It has been a awhile since I’ve played. No, I didn’t get the new add-on… but it seems Blizzard patched a ton of stuff since I last played and the game seems a little cleaner now. The AOE Boss attacks are a bitch though. Gawd. So much clicking though… I can only play so much…

Endgame cutscene from Dishonored. Great game!

Endgame cutscene from Dishonored. Great game!

Bdot picked me up mid-afternoon with her sister’s minivan. Why you ask? She found a cozy chair for the bedroom last week and we went to pick it up. (It wouldn’t fit in the Vibe) It gives us a second place to chill out and watch TV covered in animals. It is a neutral colour and somewhat over-sized, it is a chair and a half which takes advantage of the extra space in the bedroom.

In the evening KK came over to watch the Laffs continue to suck and the TFC v. RSL match. The Laffs lost again, dropping their playoff chances down to 4.9%. What a flame out. They have lost eight in row. Unfortunately TFC didn’t fare much better. It was a measuring stick game against one of MLS’ best soccer teams. The game illustrated that TFC have a long way to go to be a top team in MLS. They looked badly outplayed most of the game and lost 3 – 0. Ugh. There wasn’t much in terms of positives to take from the game. So the Reds are 2 – 1 now. I’m trying to arrange to get to a game with the boys. We’ll see… maybe something in June once it warms up.

A few days have past since remicat’s seizures and she has been fine. Again, seizures can reoccur at any time so… I’m happy for any days we have with her. Seizures or not, she is an old cat.

Nolan signs for three years as Sabres coach!

Nolan signs for three years as Sabres coach!

Nolan was officially signed as Sabres head coach for three years today. He starts with the team at the bottom of the league. The Sabres are awful. The team does have a ton of high picks, so there will be a major transformation over the next few years…so there is good reason to be optimistic. I’m very interested to see what Nolan can do with some talent. He will get that chance. Glad to see Ted signed… I’ve always liked his demeanour and thought he was a solid coach. Let’s go Buffalo!

Heh. Added some backend code to analyze site traffic to unsung. Mostly for amusement. The referers show only 17% of hit coming from google… the rest are pure garbage. Tons of course from porn sites; bizarre Russian, Chinese and Hong Kong crap. I’m very tempted to block .ru outright. More than tempted… It is done… Not sure how effective it will be… But Russian and Chinese I.P. are now blocked on unsung. Not sorry spammers.

Hmm… looks like some legit hits from China. Maybe I’ll whitelist them….

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