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Winter blahs.

March 17, 2014 @ 10:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Hopefully the final icicles of this Winter

Hopefully the final icicles of this Winter

The office was closed Friday. The boss gave us the extra day off for March break. It was a pretty chill day. I did some housework and a little gaming. I’m really enjoying Dishonored (PC). I bought it cheap during a Steam Sale. Mmmm Steam Sale. I’m nearing the end of the game it seems. It has been a really fun game. *blinking* all over the map is awesome. Also, after of months of causal play, I finally dinged 80 for the first time with a character on Guild Wars 2. Hopefully the post-80 gameplay is better than WoW was… We shall see…I’m not in guild so… probably not.

We were suppose to go to Bonnie’s this weekend but Bdot is still not feeling 100% and one of Bonnie’s kids is sick… so… we decided just to stay home. Bdot then spent a lot of the weekend searching out a place to rent for the summer. It is amazing how many great rental properties there are in Ontario!

I’m not sure what we were thinking… I guess because it was finally above zero outside… but we decided to drain the hot-tub. Bdot found a killer pump. It is only 1/4 HP but wow… the little machine drained the tub in under 45m. I can’t imagine how powerful a full horsepower would be. When we refilled the tub, the water was a bone chilling 4C. OMG cold, arm going numb in seconds cold. I guess the hose we used for the refill had sat in the garage and had dirt in the line… the dirt was obvious to see once the tub was full. So… we had to drag the pump along the bottom of the tub where the dirt congregated. The water was so cold. I think it took 20m for the numbness in bdot’s arm to pass. We were concerned that the hot-tub’s pipes might freeze… but thankfully overnight the tub raised its water temperature back within a normal range. Phew. We won’t do that again. >__>

The critical nature of my sister’s dog’s sudden paralysis seems to have passed. The dog is far from well… but she is out of the woods. I’m not sure exactly how mobile the dog is… last I heard she is still struggling to walk. Hopefully we’ll get up to see her new cat sometime in the future.

Saturday night we watched Her. It was a little odd. The story was about a lonely man developing a relationship with a new advanced operating system that is capable of thought and feelings. The story went in a strange direction at the end which I thought was a bit of a cop out. I felt it didn’t really address the relationship. I guess that is what you get dating an OS. The movie was interesting however for suggesting the potential that future of interactions with artificial intelligence could have for humans. I’d give the movie ⭐⭐⭐. Joaquin Phoenix gave a solid performance and Scarlett Johansson as the OS voice was intriguing. I guess it also begs the question, how close is this type of technology?

Working my way through American Horror Story: Asylum. It started off a little slow… but I’m really enjoying some of the characters now that I’ve reached mid-season. Zachary Quinto as a crazy killer is awesome. This is the first role I’ve seen him in other than Spock. And wow… Frances Conroy as Shachath: The Angel of Death. Damn. Also have to mention the consistently impressive acting of Jessica Lange.

Sabres are pretty close to guaranteeing they will finish last. Awesome. They may even set a new record for fewest goals in a season by a team.

Happy St.Patrick’s day!

Another cold week. Sigh.

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