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We should just move to Orangeville

September 10, 2012 @ 11:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

Family, hockey, Orangeville

No I will not fix your computer.

No I will not fix your computer.

Another weekend, another drive up to Orangeville. If we could both find work in the area, I’m pretty sure we would simply move there. We quite like it. This was another wedding trip… We finalized the ‘chocolates’, bdot further OCDed dinner’s wine at both LCBOs and found a few more decorative bird decor additions. It was a pretty successful trip. We stopped in to the OV Starbucks for a coffee. They now carry a Salted Caramel Mocha which I enjoyed… it is pretty sweet. Prior to OV we had a new KING mattress delivered. It is massive and even still it seems small in our oversized master bedroom. I reluctantly agreed to try a firm mattress. The plush instantly felt comfortable but apparently firm is suppose to be better for you long term. That is to be determined… it sure feels like a big departure from our old mattress. Granted it has been only two nights. The expectation was it would improve bdot’s back pain… so far there isn’t a miraculous change. Oh well, we’ll wait and see. This shuffled mattresses all over the house. Our sleepover guests will now have a real Queen bed to enjoy and the futon migrated down to my office. I’m pretty happy with this as I now have something somewhat comfortable to game and watch TV on. Sweet.

Since there is no hockey in the near future -groan- I’ve decided to watch the Bills regularly. The Bills made a bunch of big signings in the off-season and were looking promising going into game one yesterday. Well… the excitement in Buffalo lasted less than 15m. Fitz (the Bills’ quarterback) tossed a bunch of interceptions which resulted in the Jets putting up some points. The Bills were well behind by half time by a bunch of points and didn’t get the score close again in a disappointing loss. Is it just one game or a sign of things to come… stick around sports fans and find out. B-b-b-b-b-brutal.

Sunday was mostly housework. Bdot dealt with the running around outside of the house and I dealt with the running around inside the house. We rewarded ourselves with a delicious steak dinner.

Yesterday my Dad called and his computer wasn’t working and didn’t know what was going on…. Yes as the family nerd I get all the IT calls. This issue, TBD, sounds interesting… apparently the system dies after POST, the Windows boot screen flickers briefly, then the screen goes black. I’ll update this later after I have a chance to look into it. I guess nerd runs in the family because my Dad is eager to get the computer fixed. So eager in fact he brought it up to my office today. This created a rare opportunity to have lunch with my Dad, which was quite enjoyable, albeit somewhat short.