Two trees are not sour

December 7, 2011 @ 09:12 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Outside view of the Christmas tree

Outside view of the Christmas tree

Sometimes bdot says I’m oblivious. Well, clearly there is some truth to that… I’ve been drinking sour milk for two days and didn’t notice. I had it twice with my cereal… It made the cereal taste ‘burnt’ not ‘sour’… I thought it was the new cereal I was mixing with my staple cereal… It was ‘burnt’ tasting this morning too so I blamed the ‘staple’ cereal. I’m not a morning person at all. The milk! The milk! It’s the fracking milk you idddeeeeeeeotttt! I would have figured it out today *at the bottom* of my coffee was a lovely curled milk blob. *gag* Useless taste buds -1 Iron stomach +1

I’ve been playing with a tablet at um… work for a few days and wow, what a cool piece of technology. I know tablets are nothing new, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and use one for any length of time until this week. The device is all solid state, no moving parts, it is light, thin and has a beautiful screen… what is not to like? It certainly makes me wonder if PCs will be gone in 10 years as CPUs get smaller and faster they will be capable of doing a full PC work load. Not to mention the portability and battery life. Hmm. I’m looking to get the Asus Transformer Prime tablet… when you can actually find one anywhere in North America. (The first shipment is sold out everywhere – which doesn’t surprise me at all). It is a lovely geek toy.

Christmas is marching along. The first tree is up. Yes, we put two Christmas trees up. A fake one in the front bay window and a real one (which we are getting Saturday – let it snow!) in the great room. A lot of people seem to think this is weird or excessive or whatever… *shrug* Now that the living room is decorated we are spending more time there and not where we usually would, in the great room. I like seeing it when I come home in the window too. And hell, more festivus, why not? Bdot really enjoys having two trees, maybe not deciding how to decorate them however. Speaking of Christmas… I just got the e-mail saying the office will be closed from the end of day December 23rd through to January 3! Woohoo!

Ahh, my Sabres. Win one. Lose one. Look good for a game, embarrassing the next. I guess that is going to be the theme of the season. At least the addition of the rookies are making things interesting. What is not to love about Kassian?! He is huge, fights, checks and has a great scoring touch. Vanek better pick up his game or I’m dropping my bromance (as iNom would call it :P) on him and moving onto the toothless monster. *smirk* McNabb also looks like he’ll be a great asset as he looks like a natural hitter. *FINALLY* the Sabres have some big boys that can crush the other team. My big concern is the lack of scoring on the team. So many multi-million dollar 0-for forwards it makes me sick. To list them would be more than half the forwards on the team… Big game tonight versus the Flyers… It would be nice not to have our goalie run. Unfortunately, Filthy is just the type of team to ignore my hopes.