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The Good, The Bad, The Hammer : Nine Inch Nails

November 15, 2008 @ 09:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Head like a hole you say?

Head like a hole you say?

After a pretty crazy day at work, me and two co-workers headed out from Toronto to Hamilton to see Nine Inch Nails!

First the good. The show was amazing! I think by far the best light show I have seen. There was a massive 30 foot tall by 150? foot long screen behind the musicians and a thin transparent screen in front of them. During the show the transparent screen had film clips (and video effects) projected on it with the band behind, creating depth and some very cool effects. During some of the songs the band was silhouetted in front of the back screen. Other times both screens were used in unison to create an impressive visual display. Clearly a lot of thought went into timing the lightning and patterns used on the screens with the music. It really needs to be seen to fully appreciate it. The music wasn’t really as loud as I was expecting and at times I thought the guitar could have (and should have) been louder. Overall however the sound was solid and band played very well bringing the rock from 20 *cough* years of NIN. (Yes kids, Pretty Hate Machine came out in 1989…) NIN played a good variety of older material and new material, both heavy and soft. It really was impressive to see the range in music throughout the night. Well done Trent. We met another co-worker’s BF for the show, although I really didn’t talk much with him mostly since he sat at the opposite end to me; seemed like a nice guy and Raj’s friend Amanda. Both seemed to enjoy the show. It really was a shame cameras weren’t allowed *officially* to the show… I would have loved to experiment with all the cool lightning. *shrug*

Unfortunately not everything went well tonight. First off we arrived very late to the show, completely missing the opening act Boris. I’m not familiar with Boris at all, but I was looking forward to seeing them. Allmusic calls them ‘Japanese cult favorite sludge/doom rock trio‘. I missed the doooom! I didn’t get directions since we drove to Hamilton with someone *from* Hamilton. What Richard neglected to mention was he never *drives* there and really didn’t have any idea where to go. Needless to say that cost us a lot of time. We went towards Niagara at the 403 split when we should have went towards Brantford. The driving woes continued for what seemed like an eternity.

Anyway, we eventually found King street in *Hamilton* and got to Rich’s place and the show. But wait, there is more that just being late… I always seem to luck out at stadium shows and get one asshole in the section seated directly behind me and tonight I hit the jackpot. Maybe six songs in I’m sitting enjoying the show when the guy behind me (who must have been leaning forward somehow) fell forward onto me crushing me down. This fat drunken fuck must have been 250lbs of unintelligible, drunken mess. My neck is still sore. IDIOT. (Envision if you dare the inspiration for Faith No More’s RV and you may have some idea what this idiot looked like) It took all my self control not to punch him in face. I told him if it happens again I was getting security. Well… 1 song later fucktard spilled beer on me. That was it. I marched up to get security. Well… I guess it was a busy night. I got to the door and the usher called someone and he told me they we coming. Well… I waited and waited… and while I could see the show; not seating with my friends was pretty annoying so I waited for another song and eventually just told the usher I was going back to my seat.

Ha. While I was got the fucktard fell two more time. Once on my co-worker Raj and again on some other poor soul (who apparently popped him one…). This sad sorry state of humanity must have been late forties too. Sigh… Anyway. At some point after that he just disappeared; which is good… I was sooooooooooooo out of patience and the next touch or drop on me was going to result in violence. I can tolerate a lot of shit at concerts. But this was the worst scene of idiocy I have ever witnessed. As we were leaving some drunk fell over *while walking up the stairs*.

Headslap. Good grief. You have to wonder if there really is something in the water in Hamilton. Some of the fucktardery I witnessed tonight make my soul weep for humanity. It will be a cool day in hell before I’d return here for a show. This is shame, Copps is actually a decent venue. And to boot the Sabres got humiliated by the Blue Jackets in Buffalo. I’ve had enough. I’m going to bed.

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