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Niagara for Mexican

November 23, 2008 @ 08:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Yummy! Happy Birthday to me! (and Jen)

Yummy! Happy Birthday to me! (and Jen)

Saturday we (B. and dog) drove down to Niagara to visit some of my old friends. We stopped along the way in Vineland at Featherstone Winery and B. picked up a few bottles of wine. The place was crazy busy for what I thought was a small winery. Onwards to St.Catharines, it was the first time at Patโ€™s since I helped him move in (what seems like) ages ago. The house was cozy and inviting, it is great to see him happy in his new space! Patโ€™s wife Jen was hosting a candle party and B. picked out a few scented candles. The โ€˜menโ€™ hid downstairs and played xbox. After the majority of people there were three couples left and we all decided to go out for Mexican. We ended up at a place downtown St.Catharines on St.Paul street, Carlos Cantina. The restaurant was ridiculously warm inside. I felt like I was really eating in Mexico. The food wasnโ€™t badโ€ฆ slightly over priced for what we got. I ordered steak wraps of some sortโ€ฆ strangely they came with very little steak, mostly just cheese, it was a little disappointing. The service was good, not sure if Iโ€™d return. We returned to Patโ€™s for cake and returned to Bolton late in the evening.

I took my car in for the drive clean test today to find out the test couldnโ€™t be completed because something is wrong with my exhaust. *headslap* Soโ€ฆ now Iโ€™ve left it late and need to address this before Wednesday. Sighโ€ฆ I guess Iโ€™ll be late tomorrow into work. We put up Christmas lights on the house. It was sooo much easier than the Ventnor house. I think they look great. We put up simple red and green lights with a red and green flood light on the birch tree on the front yard. We also picked up some solar powered lights for some urns B. annually makes up for the season. The house is looking mighty festive.

I also made a few cosmetic changes to unsung. I tidied the layout a bit. I think it looks better. A little bit of extra padding and a few colour changes do make a lot of difference.

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