Needle and the Damage DoneApril 9, 2014 @ 08:04 pm 🔗 Post Linkcaledon, health, Buffalo Sabres, sports Ouch! Hey where are you sticking that thing?!

Ouch! Hey where are you sticking that thing?!

The issue with my left forearm doesn’t seem to be going away. Today I went to our local physiotherapy clinic (the one I’ve been going to for years for massage therapy…) for my first physiotherapy session. She was quickly able to locate the issue… the symptoms are similar to Tennis elbow. I have half my normal strength in my left grip, otherwise she said I should be in construction since my right grip is so strong. insert joke here…:P I received bad physiotherapy years ago for Bell’s Palsy (which has passed) so I won’t do anything with electricity. But she recommended acupuncture today so… I let her do it. It is certainly curious. Sticking needles in my right leg somehow helps my left arm… *head scratch* I guess it is all connected… I can’t say I understand what is going on… but acupuncture has been around for centuries and it is regulated in Ontario. So… I set aside my bias that it is hokum. I’m usually cool until they say words like Qi and Chakra then my inner eyes roll. It wasn’t magic, nor did I expect it to be… but the pain did feel like it subsided somewhat. That said, it could have also been the result of the ultrasound. I’ve been told to avoid repetitive activity with that arm. I have a few more sessions and I’ve been given exercises to try. Blah. Clearly doing nothing isn’t resolving this.

Thank gawd. The Leafs have finally been eliminated from the playoffs. So Toronto media can finally shut up and stop leading *barf* Leaf Nation on. With the Sabres in rebuild mode, the Leafs have been an interesting story to watch this year. From the oh we got this, in the playoffs no problem attitude to the meteoric fall toward the bottom of the standings that some stats gurus was saying was inevitable. The draft is the next big day for the Sabres… I’ve heard a lot of talk about the top five players. The Sabres could end up with two of them. The post-season should be interesting.


I had my second physiotherapy session this morning. There is clearly progress. She does resistance tests that gauge pain levels when pressure is applied to fingers, arms, wrists etc.. Anyway, there is less pain than the original test. Which is promising. I’ve been doing hand stretches at home, so hopefully the combination of all these things speeds the recovery. Wow… here I’m lying there with acupuncture pins in both legs and the dude beside me, who is getting worked on, starts moaning… no not THAT moan. The stifled I’m in pain moan. And it continued for several minutes. I don’t know what his issue was… but damn – he sure sounded unhappy.

Hold for 10 seconds...

Hold for 10 seconds...

Next week is looking busy. Monday night hockey draft in St.Catharines, Tuesday night hockey draft in Weston/401 area and Wednesday is a work event which will keep me out past midnight. It is awesome that the following weekend is a four day weekend.