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Slim chance at post season.

A looong week. I was very tired Friday nightโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve started doing some management tasks this week. I conducted several staff reviews. It is a lot harder than I ever would have thought. I want to be constructive but firm, direct but openโ€ฆ it is quite a challenge. I do enjoy this new level of responsibility and all the tasks that have accompanied it. I also had my work review as well. It went very well. We have a new grading system for our reviews, the majority of my marks were โ€˜above averageโ€™ which is good. Iโ€™m still obviously very green in my new role and learning a lot. So to already be considered as competent is reassuring.

The Sabres are making all the effort they can to make me throw something through the TV setโ€ฆ they are playing โ€˜must winโ€™ games to have any shot at making the playoffs but are still finding ways to lose. They pretty much killed their chances to see the post-season with two losses in games they were winning in the third by 3-1 to Montreal and Ottawa. In both games they found a way to lose. It is sad. *Choke* It just shows the lack of leadership this team has and that there are still missing some components to make a complete team. Maybe next year? Maybe not if management stays the same.

In other newsโ€ฆ B. and I have decided to start looking for a new home. While we like our little corner of Brampton, we want to have a place that we found together. Additionally, the commute here is killing my soul slowly one drive at a time. To make the house in Brampton what we want would also cost far more than the home would ever sell for in this location. Soโ€ฆ we are thinking of relocating to Bolton! We have already found a house we like, hopefully it will still be available when we are ready to sell the Brampton home. Exciting news. More details to follow.