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Day off.

Day off.

Yes the project that wonโ€™t go away at work keeps on giving me grief. No sooner do we fix all the bugs in our game and we think we are done then Quality Assurance digs some bug up and causes another delay. The most irritating thing is most of the bugs they are finding now, at the 11th hour, have been around in the game for months! WHY ARE YOU FINDING THEM NOW!?! It is mind boggling and very frustrating. Our release date for the game got a substantial delay today as well. It got pushed back well over a month. Sigh. I donโ€™t care so much about that. I do care that it is released however, and some days it feels like that is never going to happen. We are getting some interest in another game based on our own Intellectual Property so that is very exciting!

Now do you believe?! What a third period for the Sabres tonight! They went into the third losing 4-1 and scored 6 straight goals to win 7-4! They now sit 1 point out of a playoff spot.