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Walking on the Moon…

February 18, 2004 @ 09:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Had a nice long walk along some trails in Brampton with B. this afternoon… It was good to get some air. Long walks with B. are always benefical. It seems the future is pretty bright after all. She can make a mean meatball too. Tomorrow we are going to the Toronto Sportsmen Show… dogs, kayaks, outdoorwear… stuff. Should be pretty interesting…

Sabres dropped to 6 back….Fooooooooooore!

Started playing with a fractal generator to create the unsung background… curious Captain.

Links now 404. Removed.

Movie Review : The Missing

We decided to pick up The Missing with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blancett. Bdot picked this one out… and typically her selections have been bombs and/or disappointing picks. (We even turned one off…) However… while this wasn’t earth shattering… it was a pretty entertaining film. Set in New Mexico circa 1880 it is based on a mother desperate to rescue her daughter who was kidnapped by a curious band of native Americans. The side plot involves Tommy Lee as the estranged father of Blancett’s character (the mother) who enters into her life and helps her track the kidnappers. The *villains* especially the kidnapper’s leader, are a pretty intimidating bunch. I guess Hollywood was out of *terrorist* villains. Anyways – as the story unfolds we learn more about the relationship between father and daughter and understand why they are so distant. I enjoyed the scenery, *New Mexico* was nicely shot by Ron Howard. The religious undertones between Christianity and native spiritualism was also interesting. Tommy’s nasty hair wig however, was not. Not bad to kill an evening when there is nothing on the tube. ⭐⭐⭐½


Once again (it seems every other week with Bush in office) I’m amazed by U.S. foreign policy… What is it this time? Well… Apparently the U.S. gov’t believes it is above International Law and has jailed numerous “enemy combatants” without trial and without any regard for the Geneva convention. Basically they have detaining over 600 people without charges. Sounds a little like Germany 1942 to me… The case is under review in U.S. court. I hope they come to their senses.

More on this disturbing story here.

And on an unrelated note: GO SENS! GO! GO SENS! GO!

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