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Drums are cataclysmic

December 3, 2010 @ 07:12 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The drumming plan.

The drumming plan.

Friday already? Granted I was home sick Tuesday with a dreadful headache. *Cough* The quest for my first drum set has ended. I’m going to get the Yamaha DTXpress IV. The competition was the Roland T4. The Roland does have the nicer mesh snare and the samples sound great but I felt the overall product and hardware quality was a little better with the Yamaha. For some reason Roland merges the cords that led into the ‘Brain’… I can’t see this being helpful when and if I decided to upgrade down the road. The Yamaha kit also includes some songs to play along with…not really a major deal, but seeing I’ll mainly be playing alone, it will be nice to play with some content occasionally. This is exciting. I’ve really been pondering over this for two decades and my interest and curiosity has not waned so… I’m going to give ‘er. I have no expectations… It would be nice to develop into a competent drummer and be able to jam with friends and have some fun with the kit. Hopefully I have a latent Peart gene somewhere. I’m looking to scoop them up after Christmas to hopefully save a few bucks.

The weekend is already partially booked. Tomorrow we are going to visit B.’s long time friend the MacMommy & family for a Christmas party. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to chilling like villain. We had originally planned on getting the Christmas tree on the way home, but we are putting it off until next weekend. The idea of rushing everywhere on Sunday (and no snow?) makes the tree hunt less desirable for Sunday.

Sabres play hockey again tonight. They better show up for 60m after being off for a week!

Cataclysm draws near! Clearly Blizzard is shifting the gameplay dramatically… The talent trees have been paired down to the bare minimum and each class refined to specialize. I’m eager to see how this will all translate… WoW is a sick money making machine so it is impressive to see Blizzard is still willing to refine and improve upon its proven winner… FTH!

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