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Help. Iโ€™m melting.

June 18, 2012 @ 08:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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OMG. So hot.

OMG. So hot.n

Oh bloody hell. Wednesday is going to reach 43. That is 109.4 in American (Fahrenheit :P). Considering I find mid to high 20s comfortable, Iโ€™ll be hiding from the burning ball of light for three days it seems. My poor lawn. *frownyface*

Sunday was combo lazy/run around get things done day. A bit of a clusterfsck day. It felt like we were rushing to get stuff done in between periods of recuperation. Weekends seriously need to be three days. I played a bit of Torchlight (PC) last night. I think I enjoy Torchlight more than Diablo. The multi-stage boss fights (fail stage 3 start over at stage 1โ€ฆ what?) and the inability to save anywhere really grind my gaming ass. Using checkpoints seem like lazy programming to me and a constant hindrance to game progression. Rewarding? NO. Annoying.

I pulled out another bucket of weeds from the backyard yesterday. The backyard makes me sad. Iโ€™m considering nuking it from orbit. I think we have no choice but to resort to nasty chemicals or concrete. Sigh.

After the traffic fiascoes of last week, I tried the long route in the morning. It takes about 1h20m. It is the route I take home. It is an okay option. The problem is half the route is single lane. If I get stuck behind a slow-poke (which is common) then I could be late. Really a no win situation. Iโ€™m focusing my job search North of the 401. *eyeroll*

The Nick Wilenda wire walk across the Falls earlier this week was crazy. Some of the photos Iโ€™ve seen from the walk are phenomenal. It makes me queasy just looking at them.