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April 28, 2022 @ 04:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

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With Elon’s purchase of Twitter (coz, gawd knows he couldn’t have done something better for humanity with 40 billion dollars instead of adding another plaything) and his so-called desire for free speech – I’m not optimistic in the direction he’ll take the popular social media platform. I mean, you are going to deregulate anonymous people on the Internet and allow them to say whatever they want? Yeah, that’s a great idea. I’m sure it’ll be fine and we’ll all get along. That has always happened in the past several thousands years of humanity. I’m not going to leave twitter (yet) – I do like it for my personal interests such as news, sports, technology and web development. But it has begged the question of alternatives. I joined [Mastodon]( many months ago and didn’t really use it. It is certainly not as easy to understand as Twitter. From what I understand, Mastodon is decentralized. Essentially anyone can run a Mastodon server with their own community. Each community can have as much or as little restriction as they want. Mastodon servers can talk to each other, as can the users on them. The problem (I think it is a problem) is you need a separate account for each server. So I’ve amassed four accounts – how can I possibly follow them all? I would prefer being able to unify the all my accounts into one stream of data. This is probably just an app availability issue, but I haven’t found a good option yet. I think you can just local stream from each server. What I don’t get, is what is included in each different federated stream? How do you know what other servers are included? It does seem, technically, to work well. The content however is subpar and no ‘official’ accounts of any kind from sports, politics etc. appears to be on there?

It isn’t something I’ll invest much more time into but it is good to know it is there, if and when Elon destroys Twitter.

Raptors with a huge win last night will force game six in the six. Woo!