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Manjaro Magic

July 26, 2022 @ 08:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

Linux, Manjaro, Plex, Synology, Firefox

$ neofetch

$ neofetch

Well, somehow I must have misread the partition editor when installing Manjaro yesterday. I swear I just used one part of the partition that I set aside for Linux but the installer formatted the ENTIRE partition. So, basically I lost my entire Plex Server data. SIiiiiiiIIIiIi!!iiiiiGH. Arghhhhhhhhhh……….. this at least served as a catalyst to put my Plex Server back on to Synology – where it belongs. So I spent some time last night installing and configuring Plex on my Synology. It seems to be better anyway. I had my OneDrive data backing up on my Synology there with my music collection, so at least that was easy to restore to Plex.

But so far I continue to be impressed by Manjaro Plasma. (Except for Firefox… I read that Hardware acceleration helps performance – DON’T switch it on… After a reboot with HA enabled, Firefox would not boot at all…) I guess even a reinstall doesn’t wipe the settings? Dumb! Otherwise it runs really well. CIV VI appears to run smoother than on Windows and, so far, has not crashed. I have always loved Linux for the supreme amount of configuration with the UI. KDE Plasma is amazing. I have all my little widgets and apps all reinstalled and working as expected. I will have to install a few more of my favourite games to see if they run, so far, it is promising. Could it be the first step in moving permanently away from Windows as my primary OS? Phew.