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Another Green Christmas

December 22, 2023 @ 05:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Yes, nothing like Christmas in Azeroth

Yes, nothing like Christmas in Azeroth

Yup... while the temperatures are near or below zero finally, it still looks like it will be a green/biege/blah Christmas yet again. Even worse, it looks like freezing rain in the forecast. Ugh...



The off and on Sabres ruined Christmas for thousands of Leaf fans who invaded KeyBank center yesterday. Yes. A win against the Leafs does go a long way in my books. Whooping them 9-3 goes a reaalllllyyyyy long way. WOO!

World Juniors are back as usual for the holidays. Canada met the Swiss today for a pre-tourny tune up. After a bit of a rough 1st, the boys coasted the rest of the way to a 6-2 win. They better be ready to go tomorrow as they meet the tourny favourite 'Mericans.

We did a little tour of the city's Christmas lights yesterday with Brian. Some houses were incredibly decorated, others are clearly paying no attention to festivizing their exterior. *shrug*

Vlad, our robo-vacuum fell down the stairs today under suspicious circumstances. He had never done it before and I tested him after and he didn't fall. During the incident, both the dog and cats were around. I wonder if one of them is a murderer? Hmm.

Ech((0))es AOTY was Lankum's False Lankum. Hmm. I think it is really over-rated. It's interesting but, the instrumentation is spartan and vibe is sooo dreary. *shrug* I don't get the attraction. The singing gets a bit grating too...

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