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Three new trees

Bdot was away Friday in Collingwood for a work related half day at the Spaโ€ฆ I was home um, sick. Halibut Fish and Chips for dinner cleared up whatever was ailing me. Saturday we drove to Cambridge to look at dining room tables at HD Threshing. It became apparent that these tables were exactly what we are looking for. They are beautiful. To me they look like petrified wood. The store had a bunch of demo tables and new tables that were under development. We are looking into getting one. Bdot later read that the guy we met runs the business himself. Pretty awesome stuff, and I do like supporting small businesses whenever I can. We also stopped at a few other stores and watched a Truck burn in front of Harveyโ€™s. The car parked in front of us had this odd Jesus logo on it. Strange, so much fun in this parking lot.

Creepy Mary

Creepy Mary

Not sure why but we were both exhausted when we got home. The intended short nap resulted in sleeping for a few hours. In the evening we watched the final episodes of Hunted. It was a little unbelievable at timesโ€ฆ but it was pretty compelling by the end. It was unfortunately not renewed as a series. Ho-hum. Iโ€™m hoping Melissa George made enough money to fix her overbite.

Today we spend a good chunk of the day in the backyard. We has trees delivered from Glen Echo. The first in the ground was the biggest a Heritage River Birch. It is a gorgeous tree. It now lives by the hottub. As we soaked tonight Christmas light we have on the ground illuminated it, unintentionally. It is already endearing itself to us. Although its main purpose is privacy and shade. The next to go in was the Chanticleer Ornamental Pear. It is fairly tall already and has plenty of striking red leavesโ€ฆ yes still in November. The final character tree, Iโ€™m sure will be a birds favourite is a Siberian Crab Apple. It is a skinny โ€˜columnarโ€™ tree. We are hoping these trees fare well. The Maple Ash we planted they died a rather mysterious deathโ€ฆ