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May 28, 2012 @ 09:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Caledon Burger Company

Caledon Burger Company

Thank gawd I’m back at work today… this weekend was a massive yard-work grind. It would likely not have been too bad but bdot is nursing a yet-to-be-determined foot issue which had her sidelined most of the weekend. So all the heavy lifting was mine. What heavy lifting you ask? I’m guessing moving 25 wheelbarrows full of dirt, 535kg (1212p!) of wood, over half a dozen concrete patio blocks and numerous hours of raking aforementioned dirt. Frankly I’m amazed I’m walking. Bdot was a trooper and helped as much as she could, which was likely more than she should have. We are so stubborn. The result is front and back lawns have been redressed and reseeded. Hopefully it takes… it seems like madness to do all that work for nothing. It took most of Saturday and Sunday to get it done. Phew. Grow! Grow! Grow!

Sunday I also finished getting rid of the shed tear down. Once again my awesome Brother in law drove down from Horseshoe with a truck and trailer and we loaded the 1,212 pounds of wood. I started moving the wood before he arrived so it was more than half moved to the driveway before he arrived. My BiL is an Engineer and designs roads, bridges, etc. so he has access to all sorts of big noisy toys. I think he went overboard however and brought a truck and massive trailer to move the wood. We wanted to move it all in one trip. Well, that wasn’t a problem. We likely didn’t need the trailer. It was full for sure but we likely would have managed with just the truck-bed. Oh well. Driving a truck with a massive trailer on the back is awkward at the best of times. When we drove the wood to the dump you could feel the weight of the trailer shifting all over, like it had a mind of its own. A massive thank you to JP to endure several ‘oh shit’ moments with the trailer to help us get rid of the shed. While I love that recycling and garbage services are offered in the region of Peel, the Brampton location is a fracking zoo. It provides a claustrophobic poorly designed highly inefficient spanking for its ‘customers’. They have three lanes pyloned off all merging into one, since there is only one scale… you pay based on weight and content, which is why I know we had a ton of wood. So you grind away in a line for 20m to get to the checkout. Thank gawd they had a guy controlling the car merging or I’m sure there would be explosive conflicts. *eyeroll* Unfortunately since there is just the one scale, I’m not sure what they can do. It is clear that Peel could support another recycling depot however. I’ve never been to the depot without it being crazy busy. Anyway, shed is gone, lawn is reseeded, the front gardens are looking good, bdot has potted and hanging plants everywhere and our new tree should arrive soon. I think we can safely raise the yard status from ’embarrassing’ to ‘promising’. *grin*

Saturday morning, before the yard labour started, we ventured to Orangeville to look at Wedding Rings. I found a few I liked… I decided the ‘hammered’ look is out. I think it is too feminine, it reminds me of seashells. *shrug* So I guess to be less feminine I’m looking at *rose gold*. *eyeroll* Anyway, it is between a brushed finished look or a two white gold ring with a rose gold band in the middle for me. Bdot has settled on a channel cut diamond ring. The wedding plans continue to march along. We also received the first proof of the invite. They look great! Still, we were able to find two pages of questions and changes. *smirk*

On the way back from Orangeville we stopped for a bite at the Caledon Burger Co. in Caledon East. We have passed it a hundred times and finally decided to give it a shot. What a great decision. They emphasize the fact that their beef is local, chemical-free and made fresh… you can tell, because Damn! that is one tasty burger! We will certainly be back and this now the local go to burger. Oh, did I mention they have milkshakes and amazing onion rings too? Regrettably they were sold out of their pulled pork. I certainly want to try that as well. Mmmmmmm…

Caledon Burger Co. Onion Rings

Caledon Burger Co. Onion Rings

All of Canada is talking about Ryder Hesjedal winning the 95th Giro d’Italia this weekend! The Victoria-born Hesjedal said becoming the first Canadian to to win one of cycling’s three major stage races was an ‘unreal experience,’ ‘unbelievable,”incredible’ and ‘dream come true.’ It is hard not get excited about a guy that says cycling is ‘nothing but positive for your health, your mind, your body, [and] the environment.’ Admittedly I’m a mere causal cycling fan but I can certainly appreciate the magnitude of this win. Hopefully it will bring some attention and money into cycling for all Canadians. Congrats Ryder! In other cycling news my sister and her friend won their race this weekend. Congrats to her as well.

My order for my Transformer Prime Keyboard dock finally came in last week. So my Prime, which I already loved, now has a USB port, double battery life, full keyboard and a SD card slot… It is quite the nerdgasm now. I had some issues with the Prime detecting a few of the USB sticks I inserted, but eventually it found one it was happy with. It is a remarkable device. It is like having a laptop, maybe even better. Sunday night after soaking in epsom salts (:P) I hooked the Prime up to our TV to watch Impossible Mission again. We still have not seen the ending of the movie. We watched up to the point we left off and by that time bdot was falling asleep. I think the real Impossible Mission is getting bdot to stay awake to the end of a movie. *snort* The Prime played the movie quite well… it had an odd audio buffering hiccup but I didn’t turn Wifi off or shut any apps so IMHO it performed quite admirably. I’d be very happy to NOT use the old laptop with VGA and stereo audio out and instead use one HDMI cable from my Prime. Awww.

Monday is starting off great. We put the car on the road to make room for JP’s truck and trailer and forgot to put it in the driveway. Apparently the Region thinking parking in front of my house on a dead end street on a Sunday night is worth $30. Sigh. Unfuckingbelievable.