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Happy Birthday KK

March 20, 2011 @ 09:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Happy Birthday KK.

Happy Birthday KK.

Friday night we gorged on Sushi/tempura for dinner and fell asleep feeling like we were fat bastards. MMMmm.

Saturday was my long time friend KKโ€™s 40th birthday. He was ambushed with a surprise party, and yes he was surprised. It was just a few friends and family. It was a fun afternoon with lots of great food. In particular there was Portuguese fish which was delicious. I think it was solha-limao lemon sole. Dessert was a curious chocolate cake with lemon filling. There was a lot of energy with most of the friends bringing their young kids.

Today we ventured up to Airport Road and 7th Line East for a Bruce Trail hike. It was pretty icy but we still hiked for over an hour. The dog was insane. She ran the *entire* timeโ€ฆ as if hunting. We stopped in East Caledon for groceries. The store there was excellent! We found all the โ€˜usualโ€™ products we get from Zehrs in Bolton. Once home I dealt with laundry, B. with dinner. I watched the Sabres piss away a two goal lead with less than 5m left for what could be the worst home loss of the year. Ho-hum. Still, 3 of 4 point over the weekend is hard to turn your nose up at. In the evening we watched The Kids are Alright. It was light. The audio in the DL copy was kinda crappy so it was hard to hear at times. It was enjoyable but not something I would typically watch. โญโญโญ

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