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Weekend Away

May 19, 2024 @ 11:05 pm πŸ”— Post Link

IIHF Worlds, NHL Playoffs, Ball Hockey

Mystic in Barry's Bay Mystic in Barry's Bay

Regrettably, I missed our ball hockey game Friday night. Maybe they shouldn't be booked hockey on a Friday of a long weekend? It sounds like we did okay. Details always seem hard to get via social media. *shrug* We have driven up to Killaloe to visit with bdot's Mom. My allergies are going nuts here. I'm even on triple of my allergy meds too. UGH. There is a local guy that details cars and bdot got the Santa Fe cleaned again. It always looks remarkable for about 2 minutes. *frown* I'm certainly missing bandwidth we have at home. Who knew it was possible to make Rogers look good. *eyeroll* I can't even stream hockey here properly. I think there is DSL here. Multitasking? Forget about it. Oh well. So we have been watching a lot of crime drama at night with bdot's Mom. It has been pretty quiet this weekend. Bdot saw one of her friends briefly this morning for coffee. This afternoon we melted on the deck of her aunt's cottage on Round Lake. I wish I had brought my bathing suit. It was getting really hot under the Sun. It wasn't even above 30. I guess it is like the first few times in Winter before you acclimatize it feels especially cold. Well, today felt hotter than it was... Summer is just beginning. Sigh

For better or worse the Toronto Women's team (my gawd get a team name!) is following the Toronto post-season trend of losing in the first round. Jez, they even picked to play Minnesota. Eeee.

It seems like there is some positive news from Ukraine. P*tin indirectly admitting defeat as told more lies about the new Kharkiv objectives. They have been remolded to be more palatable in light of the numerous embarrassing Russian losses. What a hero. Sending wave after wave of your countrymen to their pointless death. It appears U.S. munitions are also starting to arrive on the front-lines. I hope the Ukrainians can keep pushing the invaders back to where they came from. I wonder how much infrastructure destruction P*tin is willing to endure before there is a change in tactics...?

Bruins fought hard in game six but a crappy late goal in third has knocked them out of the playoffs. The Avs are also out.

Canada is now into their hard games at the Worlds. Fins, Swiss and Czechia. Canada's PP has been looking worse than the Sabres. Ha, but the Sabres there seem to play better with non-Sabres. Cozens is scoring a bunch. Canada held on for the 5-3 win against the Fins. They also played another tight game v. the Swiss with a narrow 3-2 win. But they are winning and remain undefeated - even if they don't look overly convincing.

TFC. Wow, Berna is rocking the corn rows! Not sure if its a great look but if they play like they did v. Montreal, he can do whatever with his hair. An impressive 5-1 home win.

It was a strange weekend for us trying to get food. Our first stop was for an iced coffee at the Peterboro Starbucks. They were out of cold brew. No iced coffees. We wanted to order a pizza last night. They were out of dough! What? We tried to get another iced coffee yesterday in Barry's Bay - their ice machine was out of ice. Again no iced coffee. It started to seem super weird to me.

Heading home tomorrow. I think bdot's Mom's to-do checklist is finally done.

The Final Four The Final Four
update - Final Four

Sadly, one of the Western Canadian teams had to go. The Oilers showed up to Vancouver and seemed ready to move on. They will play Dallas in the Western final. So the final four are Oilers v. Stars and Rangers v. Canes. The final I want: Oilers v. Rangers. I won't watch if its Stars v. Canes. - holy meh.

Typical fare. Ho-hum. Typical fare. Ho-hum.

Finally back home. It always seems like a long drive. We stopped in Kinmount for some food. There aren't a lot of options. We ended up with mediocre chinese at Kinvale Restaurant. Cats are pretty happy we are home. Thank gawd I cut the lawn before we left... It already needs a cut again. We are still sorting out our lawn mower options...

Canada, once again falling apart in the 3rd. This time against Czechia. Canada was up 3-1 at one point... Now the Czechs have tied it late in the 3rd. Period ended tied. Canada gets at least a point and will finish first in their group regardless of overtime. *shrug* COZENS! COZENS! COZENS! OVERTIME! WIN!

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