Phew! Canada advances to World Junior finals!

January 3, 2007 @ 09:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Canada wins!

Canada wins!

Thanks TSN for streaming the Junior games from Sweden! (and thanks to my boss for letting us watch the game) Intense… overtime… 7 shooters and finally Price with the big save! Go CANADA!

2006, some quick reflections…

Well another year is in the past. 2006 was a busy year. I did many things I would have laughed heartily at five years ago such as :

-go to a country concert (Dixie Chicks)
-go to a dog show (several)
-owned a dog and lived with a dog
-ate shrimp (and enjoy it now)
-think of going hunting (came close to going with aforementioned dog)
-worked for a game developer full-time

Sure these things are fairly minor but it is interesting to note how perceptions change over time. 2006 was a curious year for my relationship with B.. We had some great times and some rather forgettable times. Through conflict however, came a better understanding and stronger communication. I’m learning about myself; my girlfriend and how to work better as a team. There isn’t a fairy tale magicland where everything happens like a Disney film. Relationships are work and require time and patience if they are to have any chance at success. I’m looking forward to 2007 with B.. I’m hoping to rekindle some lost bonds and forge new ones for the future. I’m hoping things slow down as well. There seems to be so little time to smell the roses these days. I sometimes wonder if they are even still red?

I’m surprised at how much I enjoy the dog. She is a funny animal. Capable of interesting and often surprising interaction. I’m starting to appreciate how dogs earned the title ‘Man’s best friend’. It doesn’t matter how long you are away from a dog if you leave the house. 5 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours….The greeting is always as if she hasn’t seen you in years and you brought her a gravy dripping bone covered in goose feathers…regardless of how my day was the first few seconds everyday when the dog first greets me after work are always amusing and heartfelt. Aroo.

Anyway, Surgite!