How long? How long?

May 10, 2012 @ 10:05 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Ugh, yesterday. I should have known the day was going to be odd after a 2.5h drive into work. The QEW (the major highway in the Greater Toronto Area) was closed due to an accident. It seldom closesโ€ฆ Apparently there was a pretty serious multi-car collision. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sad.

I rarely write about American Politics, even though it is far more interesting (and entertaining) than Canadian politicsโ€ฆ But yesterday North Carolina really irked me. It pushed my buttons and struck a chord. First off Iโ€™m not big on religion. I firmly believe the damage it does to the World FAR outweighs the benefit it creates. I think religion is VERY closed minded, devolved and only polarizes people AGAINST each other. The principles of Christianity I think are noble but hardly seem to be emphasized by organized religion.

I also strongly believe in the rights of the individual to do whatever they want provided they arenโ€™t hurting anyone else. I may not agree with what you do, but Iโ€™ll fight for your right to do it. Soโ€ฆ when I heard that a State BANNED gay marriage (and yes, Iโ€™m now aware most States doโ€ฆ) I was mortified. I donโ€™t understand what business it is of mine what my neighbour is doing in the privacy of their homes. And why my principles and values should decide how someone else should be allowed to live their life and who they should be allowed to marry. Really if gays are married or not married how would it have ANY impact on the lives of heterosexual married people anywhere? Are they afraid homosexuality is a disease? Are they afraid of better interior design and more fashionable clothes? (Yes I digress :P) The basis for this witch hunt, and it is a witch hunt is the Bible. The bible says it is wrongโ€ฆ wellโ€ฆ only the OLD section of the Bible says that. I guess busy body Christians in the South have nothing better to do than hate their neighbour. Oh wait, โ€˜The second is this: โ€˜Love your neighbor as yourself.โ€™ There is no commandment greater than these.โ€™ -Mark 12:31Hmm. I guess you can selectively apply Godโ€™s word how you see fitโ€ฆ I guess. It must be really confusing to be a hate filled Christian sheep. I canโ€™t imagine there is a big homosexual population in the South anyway. I would imagine they have already moved somewhere less bigoted. It made me think a lot about my trip to the South and the American history of the South. I did some reading and โ€˜No country in the world ever recognized the separate Southern Confederation.โ€™ Perhaps they should have. And should let them separate. Their minds are already on other World anyway. Sad and shameful.

The day ended with a glimmer of hope after the stench of the South with President Obama publicly declaring his position in favour of same sex marriage. Wow, that has to really chaff your ass in the South huh?

I wonder if anyone in the world picked LA, Phoenix, NJ and (NYR or Washington) as the final four for this yearโ€™s Stanley Cup. I sure didnโ€™t. It would be nice to see one of the team that has never won win. Go I guess Iโ€™m going for Washington and either of the Western teams. A Cup would be good for the both Western franchises for sure. Alsoโ€ฆ Go Canada! (IIHF!)