Fscking Hackers

November 21, 2022 @ 08:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

World Cup 2022, APTBT

dregs of humanity

dregs of humanityp>

I guess it was inevitable…I’m seeing a lot of poking and probing into my WordPress site which I’m, presently, self-hosting. While I’ve certainly tried to restrict and filter as much as I can… It seems I would have to constantly be blocking IP ranges and being concerned about incursions and data loss.

I’m not really doing anything earth-shattering here…. It is just a simple blog. Mostly me bitching about politics and sports. So I’m tempted, to forget the self-hosting and permanently move my blog to WordPress.com. The FREE version gives you much less of the full power of WordPress, but I’m tempted to give it a go. The URL will be: https://aplacetoburythoughts.wordpress.com/ – shrug

World Cup has started – lots of drama in the Human Rights abuse-rich Qatar… Today they were threatening Yellow Cards to players who dare wear the pride rainbow. Gawd, I sure hope FIFA got paid a lot to swallow their integrity.


I have decided to move to WordPress.com. My primary domain unsung.net should resolve to this blog. There will be some missing images and general buggery for a few days as I sort out the import to the new host.


Well, if you are going to go free, you are really limited in Themes and customization. So, I’m going to tweak it as I can… There is a new Template editor but it is a bit unruly to figure out. A lot has changed today already...