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Not a fun night

Any day you have to go to the Emergency room canโ€™t be good. I just got home from the โ€˜hospitalโ€™. I have a hernia in my โ€˜mid-sectionโ€™. It isnโ€™t painful but it may require surgery to repair. So, that is how we spent Saturday night. Thanks again for going with me B.. I was pretty freaked out about it.

Shame for this to occur now (or anytime really)โ€ฆ but it had been such a wonderful and relaxing weekend up then. We were up in Collingwood and stayed a night at the Mosaic hotel at Blue Mountain. Most of Friday we were at Le Scandinave Spa which was very relaxing. I felt like limp spaghetti at the end of the day. We had a great meal at Tholos restaurant in the Village at Blue Mountain. I had a delicious steak. We left there very full. The Turkey Tent sale was underwhelming again. It simply has never been as good as the first one we went to. Lots of filler, not many jackets for sale. The hotel room was decent. Apparently you can buy one of the rooms. Nearly all the hotels at BM had a few rooms for sale.