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Woo! Good news! Good news

September 20, 2012 @ 11:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Student loan paid off!

Student loan paid off!

Holy crap, the wedding is less than a month away!

This has been a crazy week alreadyโ€ฆ Especially for bdot. She had a massive proposal to submit for Monday โ€“ which may or may not have arrived on time thanks as always Purolator, you suck. Monday I was at the Dentist (everything is good), bdot was in Orangeville picked up wine. Tuesday night we were at the florist to look at wedding arrangements. We were both really impressed with the arrangements they have come up with. It is curious the different personalities an arrangement can reflect. I think our feels very us. Natural, simple, not too flashy but colourful. We are still debating a few potential floral additions but overall are very happy with our florist. Last night bdot (who has been dealing with the flu, or allergies or both) drove down to Niagara for a wedding shower. She got home close to midnight. I think tonight sheโ€™ll get home and collapse.

Borderlands II was released Tuesday. I played BL on the 360 but I got BL2 for PC. So far it feels very much like BL just more refined and somewhat slicker. It still looks great and plays smooth. One gripe however, especially considering how massive the role of guns are in the game, gun management is still somewhat cumbersome and disappointing. I understand juggling guns is part of the deal but it feels like a lot of time is wasted sorting gunsโ€ฆ there should be a quick way to evaluate all of the similar types of guns you are carryingโ€ฆ ho-hum. Perhaps a UI pop-up with all the similar type of gun in a grid with stats and a [K]eep or [D]rop option. Still, it is BL and it is great fun. I thought Torchlight II was suppose to be released todayโ€ฆ I checked this morning and it was still waiting. *shrug* Iโ€™m going to need more hours in the day to get into some of these new awesome releases!

It is rare I get exciting mail. It is usually bills or spam. I was happy to see my student loan debt from my IMM program has finally been paid in full. I guess the loan payment can now go toward the wedding debt. Ho-hum.

The NHL has cancelled all of the pre-season games, players are off to Europe and Russia to play and both sides still refuse to talk. You guys are fracking awesome. Greedy assholes.