Goodbyes, Games and goofs

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Great job Canada!

Great job Canada!

Great job Canada![/caption] The 2022 Beijing Olympics is over. While there was certainly some compelling moments, for some reason it was also a bit disconnecting. Maybe it was China's awkward presentation and restrictions? Regardless, Canada did quite well with the 4th most medals at 26, one more than the States. The highlight for me will certainly be the Woman's hockey gold, the lowlight the Men not even making it to the semis. It was impressive to see the emergence of Slovakia into the hockey ring as well. Congrats to Finland on taking gold over whatever the cheating Russians were called this time.

So after three weeks of occupation and different levels of government passing the buck. (Great job Doug Ford!) The issue finally landed on the PMs desk. It was very clear that Ottawa was not up to the task dealing with the situation locally so mechanisms had to be taken to allow more liberal (snort) actions to be taken. Yes, the Emergencies Act. The flip-flopping hypocrite Conservatives, whined in parliament about the aggressive attack on civil liberties for all Canadians. Do they even know how it was enacted and how laser focused its mandate is? I guess the truth makes for a poor sound bite? I certainly do not like everything Trudeau does. But take gawd he stood up and took action otherwise those convoycretins would likely have been there until Spring. I can't imagine the sources of misinformation fed to the 'protesters' but their screaming of inaccurate laws and vitriol was painful to hear on many levels. It sure sounded to much more about right-wing American crack pot ideology than anything to do with Canada. And no, you can't do anything you want, anywhere you want - and restricting that isn't authoritarian or dictatorial. IT'S CALLED LAW AND ORDER, which the 'protesters' were clearly completely ignorant of understanding in any way, shape or form.

From what I saw the Police were exemplary. I mean if you were given written notice, and repeated verbal warning that 'you are in an illegal area and will be arrested' common sense would say, ok, see yeah. I mean the fact that these idiots were even given the *option* to leave peacefully without consequence is generous. Still hundreds insisted on staying. Swearing at cops and journalists. Disrupting downtown businesses and generally being a chaotic mob. Have fun in jail and paying all the fines which WILL be coming. So glad it is over with. It was embarrassing to see our beautiful nation's capital overrun by thugs and anarchists not to mention the poor people actually trying to live there.

Constitutional clarity.

Constitutional clarity.

One of the creepy aspect of the occupation was the use of agenda based misinformation. The gross and inflammatory perpetuation of stories to smear what actually happened and to present a more one-sided and volatile point of view. Like saying that aggressive cops on horse trampled and killed 'protesters'. When that didn't happen. Yet the sensationalized story found its place (not surprisingly) all over the Internet. It is disturbing how warped and twisted news can easily become.

Yesterday, we had a nice walk in Palgrave with bdot's local dog posse. It was 5C which felt like a Summer's day.

Looks like Putin is grabbing of territory on eastern Ukraine under the pretense of moving in 'peace keepers' in break-away Russian backed regions. Where will it stop though? And it pushing the conflict zone even closer together.


I installed Chrome OS Flex on my old Dell E6420 and, while it did install... it is really flakey. I think it is a graphic driver issue. The screen blinks to black randomly, often crashing completely. Opening a browser, useful commands have been: chrome://gpu and chrome://system

The errors: 2022-02-17T23:04:31.863411Z ERROR chrome[1685:1685]: [] GPU process exited unexpectedly: exit_code=139 2022-02-17T23:04:31.863473Z WARNING chrome[1685:1685]: [] The GPU process has crashed 7 time(s) 2022-02-17T23:04:31.863501Z FATAL chrome[1685:1685]: [] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye. I've posted on google's forum and so far no direction. The OS is in unstable development status so... I may just have to wait for a stable release. It is really promising. It runs well when it isn't crashing.