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Getting round at Round Lake

August 12, 2009 @ 03:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Oh gawd.

Oh gawd.

Today felt like a very long day. I received a job offer last Thursday and another today. (Ya, nothing for weeks and weeks then two within four daysโ€ฆWTF is that??) Comparing two โ€˜less-thanโ€™ ideal positions was very difficult. They both paid crap so it came down to the job description that was more interesting and more likely to provide useful resume content. There were minor factors like commuteโ€ฆ but that ultimately didnโ€™t really factor into it. I took the position with the longer drive but better job description in spite of it being just a contact that with end *cough* the day before Christmas. Merry Christmas, you are unemployed. Hopefully that wonโ€™t happen. Iโ€™m going to keep looking and there is a chance the new employer could hire me full time. So if anything, this buys me a little time. It is frustrating being offered what I was earning well over a decade ago. Seriouslyโ€ฆ WTF? It is comforting to have a supportive and understanding spouse right now, again, thanks Hon.

Dealing with employers remotely is a baaaaaaaad idea. I have one bar on my cell phone and only dial-up (28k!) at a neighbours so essentially no Internet. Being the information junkie Iโ€™m, I always find it difficult not being able to google for infos. Yes, I feel disconnected after one day. My sister was suppose to hear if they got the house they put an offer in on today. I heard nothing on my one bar of Telus megapower. *shrug* There is a huge difference between Power of Attorney and Crown Attorney. If your real estate agent doesnโ€™t know the difference, get another agent.

On Sunday, on the way to Round Lake, we stopped in Ennismore to visit my parents. They, of course, thought we were coming the following weekend. They have no direct communication with anyone when they are โ€˜up northโ€™. No phone. No Internet. Nothing. No wonder we rarely stop in. Fortunately the visit was fun. They fed us well and we had a delightful visit.

Breaking the drive to Round Lake with a stop over at my parents always makes the trip less arduous. We arrived in Round Lake on Monday (Yesterday). B.โ€™s Aunt Marlene and Uncle Keith were at the cottage. It is their cottage that they kindly let us use each year. The hosts treated us to a delicious steak dinner and a night relaxation. I played backgammon with Keith most of the nightโ€ฆ I think we played 14 or so games. I was ahead when we stopped playing. The weather is finally showing signs of improvement. It was hot enough to force us into the Lake at least once on both Monday and Tuesday!

Today Keith and Marlene left the cottage for home leaving B. and I (and the begging dog) to relax for around 10 days. Iโ€™m certainly looking forward to the downtime with minimal distractions as I know B. is. We had a short visit with B.โ€™s parents today but spend most of the day on the deck on in the lake cooling off. Anyway. Iโ€™m zonked and Iโ€™m going to bed.

Sending this update on *glorious* high speed in Barryโ€™s Bay at the welcome centre. Oh how I miss this broadband.

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