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June 17, 2012 @ 08:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Golfing with my family on Father’s Day beneath the burning ball of fire

Golfing with my family on Father’s Day beneath the burning ball of fire

Sweet Zombie Jesus… I was 45m late AGAIN Friday morning driving into work.

It is ridiculous commuting in the GTA. Everyday day is a roll of dice. Poor infrastructure doesn’t help either. Highway 50 was closed so I had no choice (that I’m aware of) other than going back through Bolton and taking the long way southward via King to Georgetown. I think may start taking the long route in the morning…It is longer but less Bravo Sierra. I was told yesterday there is some uncertainty with my position after November. The government pulled a major chunk of our funding so… I could be SOL. I like the people and position but the commute here is a soul sucker fscker. I’m certainly going to focus on options NORTH of the 401. Ho-hum. Hello silver lining.

It is Father’s Day weekend. We headed to Niagara for BBQ and golf yesterday with my Dad and family. It was stupid hot golfing, in the mid 30s. Bleck. It is nice for my Dad to not have to drive north to my house or my sister’s this weekend. I think the drive really wipes him out. It was a relaxing drama free visit. I’ve had a ghoulish week and I needed the chill time. My BiL’s Mother and Step Father joined us golfing. We played In-Laws v. Out-Laws best ball. The In-Laws ended at +8 and we scored +6. My game was erratic. I hit the nicest drive I’ve hit in years and also sliced balls all over the course. My short game was awful and my putting average. So… *shrug* It was a great way to spend Father’s Day.

Wedding update : the invites have been finalized (and look great IMHO) and we got our engagement photos. I guess I griped on the engagement shoot a fair bit… but the end result are some fantastic photos. It looks like we like the goofy photos the most. I guess that’s us. The oddly staged kissy photos seem to get redundant after a while. Our photographer has a good eye and took some creative and interesting photos. In the end I it was worthwhile. I guess it is hard for me not to gripe after working a full day then being dragged around a park for three hours in the sun when I’m tired. Grumble.

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