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Creator of D&D. RIP. (from Futurama)

Hockey was a little different on Sunday. I played defense for a change (and they needed another D.). It was actually pretty cool. I got much more time with the ball and it is great fun frustrating the oppositions offense. I found I had many more shots on net (even if long shots) โ€” although I did hit the post once, which the ref missed โ€” which led to a lot of screaming and yelling and a unsportsmanlike penalty for the other team. Ha ha! We were down by two goals with about 5 minutes left and managed to tie the game up with around 1 minute left. It was pretty exciting. Iโ€™m thinking about joining for Spring/Summer hockey.

In the evening B. and I finally opened our financial books together and she came up with a proportional salary plan for our home finances. Iโ€™ve always thought this should be a fair way of doing things. We are going to start this April 1st. This should allow us to save more money for household/mutual expenses as well. It is pretty exciting. I hope the plan works out.

After our financial future was set we watched Dan in Real Life. It was very cute. Iโ€™m not sure how real life it was, but the writing was witty and the screenplay was very funny. It was light and enjoyable. โญโญโญยฝ

One for Gary. (link now 404 ๐Ÿ˜• Jan/24) Rest in Peace.

Great link sent to me from a co-worker. Common Errors in English.