A fishy wedding

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Poor Wedding Fish

Poor Wedding Fish

Iโ€™m toying with the idea of changing unsung to WordPress. Iโ€™ve been working with it on a few different sites and it has a ton of great functionality, it is PHP based and there are a lot of great themes. So. One day unsung may suddenly be wordpressed. The tough part will be bringing all the blog data overโ€ฆ if I can do that Iโ€™m sold. It looks like it would be fun to play around with.

We attended a wedding this weekend outside of Ottawa near the Sensโ€™ arena. I wanted to piss on it but I didnโ€™t get a chance. Bdot and I drove with her sister and brother-in-law which was fun. The drive up was full of music and laughing, the drive home was silent. *smirk* It is curious how you can be literally doing nothing for five hours and still feel exhausted. Blah. The wedding was for one of bdotโ€™s cousins. She is in her early twenties. The ceremony was held outside and it was a sunny, warm afternoon. Ideal conditions. The reception was held at the Irish Hills Golf Club. It was a fairly standard hall, not overly decorative or modern however. I took a double take when I noticed the centerpieces. They were goldfish in jars. I kept thinking about this Tragically Hip video. Very strange. My sister-in-law grabbed a bunch of them when they left to bring them home for my nephews. I can attest they all made it home safely. How long they will survive with three boys in the house however is debatable.

The married couple had an interesting idea to get them to kiss. Instead of singing or clanging spoons (thank god) they opted to have people donate to a meaningful charity. I thought that was a great idea. I heard they raised over $500! Fantastic! What wasnโ€™t fantastic was the DJ. Noโ€ฆnoโ€ฆnoโ€ฆ.it went well beyond content. Iโ€™m not complained because he wouldnโ€™t play Godflesh request. This dude was incompetent. Throughout his set there were gaps of silence of up to 30 seconds between songs. People on the dancefloor were left staring into the sky wondering what was going on. Lovely. The sound system itself sounded like AM radio from a โ€™88 Buick. The sound was horrible. He would also go for walks while songs were playing, not always returning before the song ended. I could go on about the brutal 64kbs MP3s and bi-polar song list but you get the picture. When people were finally dancing it was only because guests and bridesmaids told him what to play. How can you take peopleโ€™s money?! Gah. We made the best of it. Drank a lot and danced anyway. Straight Gin bdot? Wow. I also thought the speeches were a little strange from both sets of parents. It sounded more like โ€˜thank god you found someone who might keep you from fscking up your lifeโ€˜ and the groomโ€™s sister went on about how she beat on him all her life. Very odd.

I found it amusing that the hotel we stayed at was hosting a Nerd on Site convention. Unfortunately it was pretty much done by the time we got there. I was hoping to sit in on a D&D session or do some cosplay. *frown*

Saw my doctor yesterday for a physical. Yes I got the Shocker. It has to be checked. There is a history of colon cancer in my family. Otherwise I was in decent shape. My body is a little stiff however. Likely due to how much sitting I do. Iโ€™ll have to figure something out for thatโ€ฆ Blood pressure has been consistent: high 120s over mid 80s.

Huzzah! We are finally using the kitchen! It isnโ€™t finished but we had to get out of the basement. It is amazing to have a clean, well lit area to prepare and eat food in.

Bdot is away again until Thursday. House is pretty quiet except for vomiting cats.