The Final Tour - Skinny Puppy

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The Final Tour The Final Tour

I've had a long relationship with the band Skinny Puppy. I still remember the first time I heard them (Smothered Hope) it blew me away... Dark, percussive, heavy but NOT metal...more synth and samples. They are an esoteric band for sure. My love of the band was elevated by my late friend Kirk. I was shocked to find someone love the band more than I did. (...and I had a moment at the show where I was sad he wasn't there with me)

An old co-worker invited me to see Skinny Puppy for their final Toronto date. I jumped at the chance. Raj is the aforementioned old co-worker, we've talked about music a lot in the past so I knew it was a good fit for the night. The show was last night. Needless to say, Skinny Puppy put on a great show. They sounded great, there was Ogre's theatrics, some heartfelt banter and so many good songs. I don't think I would have changed much from their setlist. All the older Puppy classics, incredible songs.

The only grief was this old man standing on concrete in a jam-packed venue for 3h. Oh god. My legs... It was my first visit to History. It was a very impressive venue. I'm used to Toronto's shithole venues. This was all new, modern, clean and well-serviced. $25 for parking however. Jesus. I love the Puppy but $50 for a shirt. Yikes. The opener Lead Into gold was good... some material was catchy and persuasive and some of it was kinda bland. It was a fun night. Hopefully I'll see more of Raj in the near future. It has been years since we last attended a show together.

This blog has been moved -HOPEFULLY- to its permanent location...It was being served off a Raspberry Pi but I wanted something a bit beefer. I guess I went all in and configured a Ubuntu LAMP Server for the site. It was certainly a process... but I'm pretty stoked that it is all set up and works. It wasn't a straight line however...Lots of errors, logfiles, google searches and docs....UGH.

Come on Bolts!


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