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Facebook and Ferrets oh my!

July 27, 2007 @ 10:07 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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39 puckerfish

39 puckerfish

Iโ€™ve been on facebook a few months now. It is a fun social tool. Iโ€™ve heard from numerous old friends and co-workers I wouldnโ€™t have likely ever heard from had it not been for facebook. Sure you can waste a big bunch of time on it if you want too but it is good to see the Internet bringing people together instead of *just* separating them in from of computers. B. has been away a few days in New York again so the house has been pretty quiet. The dog, who is in heat, has been particularly sleepy and quiet the past few days. The most noise is coming from the street in front of the house where the City of Brampton is re-building our curbs. Why are they are I have no idea but they will be sparkling and new shortly.

One of the guys I walk Tanga with was telling me about seeing a PBS special on ferrets. Apparently there are ferret shows (just like dog shows). Huh. Cute little buggers. I wonder what remi cat would think about a ferret. Hmmm.

In Sabres newsโ€ฆ WOW! Darcy actually signed a player! Unfortunately it was Derek Royโ€ฆ 6 years $24M. Dude better step up and stop playing like a soccer player. So it looks like the โ€˜RAVโ€™ line will be the Sabres top line. Ho-Hum. Hopefully Miller will get signed to a long term deal soon as well. (I donโ€™t think they can talk to Miller yetโ€ฆ) Anyway, at least the club is making long term deals with players. It was pretty Mickey Mouse to deny players longer contracts that they wanted. I still think Iโ€™d like to squeeze Peca in there if we can for a million or soโ€ฆ

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