and then the rain stopped.

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The best bitch around

The best bitch around

It would have been nice to go to Round Lake under different circumstances than we had to this weekend. It is a long drive up for B.โ€™s grandmotherโ€™s funeral and wake. Her grandmotherโ€™s passing wasnโ€™t a sudden surprise, her health had been fairing for sometime now. The weekend seemed to focus on her being โ€˜in a better place in heavenโ€™. B. decided to be a pallbearer along with her brother and cousin (of whom I recognized). The weather was rain on rain off all weekend. It rained during the interment ceremony but stopped suddenly at the end of it. Odd. A special thank you to my sister for her thoughtful flowers.

Friday afternoon I picked up a pair of chocolate crocs. They are a fun, simple, convenient shoe, which is well suited to summer and being in and out of the house.

Saturday night was the only night we really had any time to do anything. We spent the evening at B.โ€™s auntโ€™s cottage on Round Lake with a bunch of her family. It was a fun evening and there was much drinking and a late night dip in a cold cold lake. Not sure what in particular is causing todayโ€™s gut rot, but my stomach has been unsettled all day. Ugh. I played backgammon with on of B.โ€™s uncles, we seemed to alternate winning.

The drive home today seemed even longer to me. Maybe because I wasnโ€™t feeling well. It was great to get home and see the work on the walkway had advanced considerably. Many of the stones and in place and it is looking remarkable. We left our dog with our Breeder who had her at a series of dog shows this weekend. Tanga fared quite well getting a bunch of points, ribbons and prizes. In all the competitions she was entered in she placed at least in the top three. A good showing for my ugly dog.