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June 2, 2024 @ 09:06 pm πŸ”— Post Link

Edie, Ball Hockey, Quebec

Edie Edie

Phew... I'm full on beat... The weekend was exhausting. Friday night was the ball hockey final. Somehow I ended up playing in the game before the final. The gym is getting unbearably warm so I feel the strain twice of running around twice as much it seems. But numbers were down and playing with no subs is really awful so... I did get a rest as guys arrived for the final game so... that was good. We played the yellow team who beat us during the regular season...so we knew we were in for a match. And we were... I think they were missing some key players. Their typical goalie and a one of their better forwards so we certainly did have a bit of an advantage. But they fought the entire game. It was close throughout... I think we led by a goal or two the entire night. We ended up winning again. I think we've won (FWIW) a few sessions in a row. The ball hockey dynasty one of my team mates remarked. It could have easily gone the other way too... It is fun to win with our team. We've been together for quite a few sessions now. Huzzah for the headbands!

I would typically go out afterward with my team mates and other people from the league but... we were leaving fairly early for gasp the Montreal area to pick up our new puppy! Yes the drive there felt like it would never end. We eventually arrived and met up with our host and breeder. They were very busy running their incredible dog park and facilities and still hosted us for the night. We ended up with Ms. Purple (Bloom). Her name for us will be Edie however. It was quite a whirlwind of 48h. We pretty much woke up today, had a short dog walk, watched a few agility dog runs then were back on the road home. I do want to mention the mosquitos there are ridiculous. It was an exhausting back to back to and from Montreal drive. We did make a ton of stops on the way home. We even met another Vizsla owner outside of Toronto at the En Route which is very rare. Edie was pretty remarkable driving home compared to Tanga who screams a lot of the way. She was only noisy when she needed a patch of grass... so I certainly think that is fair. Everyone is settling in pretty good. Mystic is finally acknowledging that she exists and even played with her for a bit. The cats seem remarkably unfazed. So our family is now six.

Will post more photos tomorrow.

Meh. Panthers will represent the East for the Cup. Oilers 13m from repping the West...THEY DID IT. OILERS will play for the Cup!

F U πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ. Russia puppet.

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2024-06-27 · dagsix
What a cute dog!