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Thank you Joe. (Hopefully!)

July 22, 2024 @ 01:07 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Hopefully not too late...
Hopefully not too late...

It sure seemed like come hell or high water, Joe Biden wasn't stepping down. Even though, it was very apparent he should. I'm not sure why he choose to finally step down... it is a huge gamble for the Democrats, but it sure seemed like sticking with Joe was going to be a disaster. He finally took one for the team and hopefully for the greater good. Frankly whatever it takes to keep tr*mp out of office to ruin the U.S. and cause problems globally. I don't know much about Harris. I can't imagine she is the Dems first choice... but it is so late in the election process, and frankly they need the existing war chest. As I recall, I didn't care for her when she was interviewed... it was a while ago. *shrug* I don't care. Anyone but tr*mp please.

My Mom visited Saturday to visit the puppy. It was a pretty chill day. Edie is still very bitey. It is really only at the end of day she is able to snuggle without teeth. After a yummy dinner of sausage and perogie we settled in to watch the very curious film The Outfit. As far from a Summer Blockbuster as you can get. This film is about the plot, the actors and the script. The entire film takes place in a single room. (I wondered if it was adapted from a play?) It is surprisingly well paced and engaging. A solid thriller and something a bit different. โญโญโญโญ. We treated her to the cottage breakfast sandwich before she ventured home. It was a nice visit.

Cool Vibe.
Cool Vibe.

Yesterday we took the dogs to the popular dog river in Beattie Pinery Provincial Park. We actually recognized dogs from a previous visit. It seems to be a better distance for Mystic. She goes bonkers hunting in the forest. Often too bonkers... So it is better to get her to the water as soon as possible. Next time, hopefully the humans will remember bathing suits. We got some good poutine at JJ's Chip Wagon in Alliston. Really friendly staff. I think getting their poutine without the embellished options might be best.

We've been making our way through the pretty intense crime drama Seven Seconds. We are nearing the end and I can think of many ways it could end...Both satisfying and unsatisfying...

LOL - fox news is attacking Harris' laugh and that she wants to ban plastic straws. Yes really. *Gasp* LOL! favourite comment: I love the smell of MAGA meltdown in the morning!


So what are Kamala Harris' policies? (from the Guardian):
Though Harris has technically toed Bidenโ€™s line on Gaza, she is viewed as being more forceful when it comes to criticising Israel, and expressing empathy for Palestinians...there must be an immediate ceasefire.
Aggressive pro-choice.
I think many people have known for a long time, that our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. As a senator, Harris was a strong advocate in favor of expanding work and legal pathways for Dreamers, people brought to the United States unlawfully as children.
โ€œThe president and our administrationโ€™s probably highest priority is bringing down the price of gas and cost of living,โ€ Harris said. โ€œIf it wasnโ€™t clear before the pandemic it was certainly clear after, when people are sick they need to be able to stay home and not juggle that versus their ability to put food on the table,โ€ she said. โ€œSo these are some things that we are going to continue to fight for.โ€

What a breath of fresh air... HARRIS 2024!


Well...I decided to try and upgrade to Linux Mint 22 "Wilma". I thought I followed the process correctly to keep my /home but sigh it kept booting to the emergency prompt. Yup. I eventually figured it out but my /home (which I DID backup) had to be wiped. Frustrating but ultimately successful.

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