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March 5, 2012 @ 09:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Thought I’d spare you another dog on the trail photo. Another psycho instead. 😛

Thought I’d spare you another dog on the trail photo. Another psycho instead. 😛

As I expected, it was a pretty low key weekend. This suited me just f-i-n-e fine. I was pretty exhausted after staying up late during the Sabres Western road trip. It turns out with the Sabres win in Vancouver, it was the first time in franchise history the team got six points on a Western road trip. That’s crazy and very well timed! So the Sabres have given themselves a legit shot at making the playoffs this year. Yes I scoffed at this a few weeks ago. Mmm delicious tasty crow. With a win tonight in Winnipeg the Sabres will be tied for eighth in the Eastern Conference! Regardless what happens… I’m quite impressed with the run the team is on. They found a way to beat the best team in the league and shutout two great Western Conference teams. No small potatoes. That said, I’m planning the parade, but I’ll give credit where it is due. The Sabres are currently playing like beasts, I hardly recognize the team. Big game tonight, can’t wait!

Saturday bdot met up with her friend BBB to go shopping in Newmarket. I ran a few errands. I finally got my harcut and picked up Borderlands from EBGames. A few friends who game, who’s opinions I respect, recommended the game… typically I wouldn’t be interested in a non-fantasy RPG but wow, I’m glad I took their advice. Borderlands is insanely good. The world they have created oozes gritty frontier, mad-max, on the edge dystopia. The enemies literally are psychos, midgets and yes, some of them are on fire… and they are always screaming and chanting… the voice acting in the game is brilliant. The art style reminds me of a well coloured comic book with lots of round soft edges, with slightly muted colours. The gameplay is challenging and mercifully gives you some ‘second chance’ save-you-from-death options which I’ve already taken advantage of several times. Interestingly, the enemies scale with your level… so they will always remain competitive. Simply put, the game is blast to play. Borderlands is the most fun I’ve had playing a game in years and that is saying a lot. I guess finding this franchise late is somewhat advantageous… maybe by the time I’m done Borderlands, Borderlands 2 will be out! Now please excuse me while I kill a few more annoying scrags.

I’m not sure how I managed to miss it *eyeroll* but there is a new season of Spartacus! I really enjoyed Season One so I’m looking forward to diving into Season Two. (Apparently there is a prequel too!) I’m also watching Walking Dead – really who isn’t? The character Dale posed quite the ethical question in last night’s episode. Is respect for life a fundamental aspect of humanity? More so than even survival? ‘Isn’t a human life worth more than a five minute discussion…’ Powerful stuff. …then the ending, Sorry Brother, damn, didn’t see that coming. (Yes trying not to spoil it) Great entertainment.