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Getting Steamed

March 26, 2012 @ 11:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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What a beautiful March weekend! *headturn* What? Yes, the unseasonably warm weather continued. It must be confusing the hell out of our plants. Iโ€™m concerned they will all freeze and die, as today is back down to 2 with lows below 0. Hopefully not โ€“ we did a ton of work on the front garden last fall and I was looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labour rise up from the earth. Saturday started with the usual dividing of housework. After we could see most of our floors again we ventured back to the Alton Mill. There is a jeweler there who has some new ring stock in, so we went to take a look. It is curious to me how different rings look in person compared to on-line photos. Iโ€™m toying with the idea of having some rose gold (copper infused gold) in my ring and it looks a looks nothing like the colour Iโ€™ve seen in on-line photos. Curious. I didnโ€™t care for any of the new ringsโ€ฆ but we are going to price out the ring I do like in a slightly larger version. Bdot continued her consternation and internal conflict trying to decide between a channel ring or a stacking set of three smaller rings. Both looked blingolicious to me. *shrug* After a quick peek at the art in the galleries, and ripping ourselves away from a stunning 4K metal landscape workโ€ฆ

We walked the dog along the Alton Mill side trial. The trail leads to Bruce Trail but we ventured in the opposite direction towards the Alton Mill and wandering up to the Pinnacle then the Grand Valley Trail. The forested section didnโ€™t last long so we had another short hike by the Alton Grange. There is a parking lot there so it will be a great starting place for a future hike. Unfortunately a large section of the trail was flooded and I didnโ€™t have waterproof footwear so we turned around after only a short distance. We did find another trail marked with green blazes that ran along the golf course. The dog didnโ€™t care and enjoyed treeing many pissed off squirrels. In the evening I watched the Sabres temporarily hold a playoff position โ€“ for what ends up being one day. Sigh. We took advantage of the weather and BBQed a yummy steak dinner.



Sunday we trekked up to Collingwood for a relaxing day in the sun at Le Scandinave spahhhhhhhhhh. It eventually became a sunny, warm dayโ€ฆ perfect to be outside, dipping in hottubsโ€ฆunless of course you slam a door on your toe and split your toenail. Yes. I rock. Somehow I found a way to injure myself at fracking spa. They have steam room there, visibility zero. Anyway, I was exiting the steam room blind as a bat and somehow wham-o the door smashed my neighbour to the big toe toe. Unreal. The toe has been sore ever since, Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll lose that toenail, it is real horrorshow. That put a damper on the afternoon as I didnโ€™t want to go in any hottub afterwards. I tried to make the best of it braving the steam sauna again and the dry sauna. It was fine to chill and enjoy the atmosphere anyway. Not sure what it is about my toes. I had similar injuries twice playing ball hockey last year. Bah. Anyway, midday we had a massage. Once again *eyeroll*, I Russian rouletted myself a male masseuse. He was okayโ€ฆ It was a little odd when he did my legs since I specified: shoulders, neck and lower backโ€ฆ *cough* and mentioned to him about the toeโ€ฆ I guess he didnโ€™t clue in. I should have been more specific perhaps? *shrug* The final treat in our decadent day was a stop at Starbucks. I scored the last Oat bar, which was the bottom corner bonus oat piece. Yes! After getting home and dinner was in my belly I re-watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones. Great stuff.

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