Easter Weekend

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Wabbit Season Wabbit Season

As I mentioned, my wife and I celebrated the 20th anniversary of our first date. A long time sure has passed and we have dealt with a lot of life during this time. I believe a bit of humour, patience and empathy has served us well during our many years together. I do hope it continues for many more. We have rarely gone out for dinner but for our 20th we tried a new local place called The Wine Spot. It is a pretty cool place. We have seen A LOT of businesses fail in downtown Bolton, especially restaurants. It would be nice to have some options that are very close by... The Wine Spot was well appointed on the inside, I do love exposed brick, and uplighting,.. the place had a cool vibe. I don't drink wine, but I imagine if you did you would love the wine menu which is a small book. For dinner, we both had steaks... which unfortunately were fairly overdone. The menu made a point of saying it would be medium-rare and we were not asked how we wanted it done, so... a bit disappointing. In some cases we may have asked it to be redone but we were starving by then so... whatever. The favour was still good but the chef needs to learn how to cook a steak, especially when you are dropping $30 plus for it. That said, I think I would give the place another chance, the staff was friendly and I do like to promote local as much as we can. Still, I think our go-to, Ray's in Alton would have still been a better choice.

Other than the night out, bdot has been a blur of activity. She has had various dog events, got another tattoo and has been driving all over... I joined her yesterday for one dog event in Jordan. I went both to spend some time with her before I forget her name and to have lunch with my mother who lives nearby. It was a lot of sitting around but I did enjoy seeing my mom during lunch which we had at the Jordan Tavern. Ha, and she is out again today with the dog at a um, dog paw-ty (her joke NOT mine)... Snoog added more great runs toward her Masters Sniffing title.

It didn't help at all. I've switched back to Cinnamon and strangely it seems fine now. I'm also recovering for some data loss while I moved the Plex Server to its own machine. I dunno what I did but somehow I wiped out my Steam directory during the file migration. Plex does seem to run way better on its own PC instead of off my entry-level Synology NAS... I guess that isn't surprising but certainly a bit disappointing as I would prefer to consolidate my processes.


Wow, what a disappointment chatGPT is. It refused to answer any remotely non-PC questions, won't speculate for the future and repeats itself over and over with a sugar coated response. Ugh, it is so dull and not even remotely capable of human responses. People are scared of this? Maybe I didn't ask 'the right questions' but sure wasn't helpful for any I did. It basically when like:


Well, the Sabres had their best run at the playoffs in over a decade. It really is a shame they will end up missing the playoffs by only a few points. Literally one or two more wins would have made a huge difference. So many blown games and that dreadful home record. Sigh. Still, it looks like they finally have a goalie that can stop a beach ball... so next season, no really! next season should be better. That said, there are still a lot of decisions to be made in the post season... I hope the GM is up to the task. At least they are a team now and not an embarrassment.


Uh oh! Offended the AI again Uh oh! Offended the AI again

Bing AI was slightly better (IMHO) than ChatGPT... it was at least more conversationally accurate. But wow... SO SENSITIVE. Anything even hinted at the negative and it shut the conversation down. It was WAY too easy to get to crap out with "It might be time to move onto a new topic. Let's start over." I was hardly being nasty, just pushing it a bit and shut down every time. Maybe have an adult mode so you can actually ask it some real questions that a simple google search couldn't already answer...


Ahh, yes, must be my online gaming night because Rogers was down three times today. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...