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March 8, 2011 @ 11:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

PC gaming, Dragon Age II, Buffalo Sabres

Impressive textures of Dragon Age II

Impressive textures of Dragon Age II

Well it was tempting to stay home this morning and give Biowareโ€™s Dragon Age II (PC) some playtimeโ€ฆ I did however crawl into work. Iโ€™ve only played a few hours but there are some big visual improvements. The clarity of the characters and the world is noticeably better. The UI seems cleaner as well. The only thing I dislike is the new leveling system with the odd boxesโ€ฆ it seems really counter-intuitive and difficult to understand what options are available and what they are. Iโ€™ve also noticed I havenโ€™t โ€˜doneโ€™ muchโ€ฆso far I seem to shepherded along a path with few choicesโ€ฆ I hope this improves. I may end up finishing DA2 before DA. heh.

Sabres skated to their first regulation loss in the Pegula era. Ho-hum. I missed most of the game because I was at a massage.

B. is crazy busy this week. Iโ€™m hoping she survives.

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