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oh. we have a dog?

October 18, 2009 @ 09:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Where is the dog?

Where is the dog?

Tanga has been at her brother’s for over a week. We finally went to get her yesterday. Suz made us a lovely dinner including chocolate mousse for dessert! Mmm. We are getting that recipe. We weren’t too sure if the dog would actually want to come home with us… but she waited by the door and seemed eager to come home. She has been pretty quiet today however. Thanks again to Kev and Suz for watching her. We made a short stop at an adult store in Guelph. It was interesting… not too scummy – which was nice. It never ceases to amaze me how many strange products are available for sex and about sex. Some are very disturbing… such as ‘THE FIST”. Yikes.

I finally have an appointment to see a surgeon. It can’t happen soon enough. Hernias while not terribly painful, (Well, mine isn’t) are very annoying and frustrating. I’m trying not to overly exert myself but then I’d be doing nothing. So I’m dealing some periodic discomfort. It is an awkward strange feeling. You feel something isn’t right. I feel I’m missing some of the best hiking weather too.

We spent most of today doing housework. Cutting the lawn, getting groceries, raking leaves, cooking, cleaning, laundry… Gah. Weekend really need to be three days. B. cooked up quite a batch of Chicken Soup today… I think she has it figured out. It was MmmmMmmm good. I’ve eaten well this weekend.